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Fashion / 01.12.2017

 TGIF ladies!Now that the madness of Black Friday-Cyber Week-is over, I thought i would pick some gifts for women that you may enjoy and help to make shopping a bit easier. I am really looking forward to the Holidays this year, seeing my husband's family and bringing the puppies. If you are looking for a gift for your sister, a girlfriend, or mom or any woman in your life , I thought I would share some of my favorites. And of course, this is one of my favorites.Other ideas that are enjoyed are a gift to the theatre, play, musical,...

Fashion / 10.12.2016

fitnessfitness3fitness2Hello friends,I don't usually post on a Saturday, but since I didn't make the Friday post, I thought I would do so. I have put together a Gift Guide for the gym or workout enthusiast.  I also want to point out, I have created a GIFT GUIDE FOR HER and a GIFT GUIDE FOR HIM  if you are looking for ideas.  I have always worked out and was active in plenty of sports as a kid. Having EDS has made me tailor my workouts to activities that will not cause me more muscle pain. Now I swim and walk. The main thing for me has always been variety!  The idea is to find activities that are fun in order to keep motivated.