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Taking care of your skin

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Hi Everyone,

Just thought I would talk about skin care a bit. When did you start using moisturizer? Eye cream? What is your routine like? I know that I began with moisturizer about 10 years ago, but trying out many products seem to be the key. Is this something that you invest in and buy the department store brands, or do you find drug store brands just as good? Here is some of my routine, as I plan on doing another post on the makeup I use and fair skin.

  1. I like to use a face mask several times a week. I actually found some good ones through Amazon, which have oatmeal or avocado and other natural ingredients. Since I take a bath, sometimes 2 a day due to my condition, ( and the fact that I love baths with epsom salts and bubbles as well as candles), I put the mask on in the bath and let it sit for awhile. I then use exfoliating gloves to take off the mask. I find that this helps clean the dirt or any dead skin cells and works well for me.

  2. Each day, before I put on a makeup primer, I use a moisturizing cream. I was using Chanel, hydrating, and although I did like it, I found it to be a bit heavy for my taste. Right now, I am using Perricone MD moisturizer, and I like it as it goes on smoothly and is light, it works well and seems to hydrate my skin well. In the winter, I think sometimes adding another hydrating moisturizer is needed, as my skin, as many of us, tends to get very dry.

  3. Eye Cream: This is a tough one, as I have tried a variety. I used ROC, which is found at the drugstore, but felt it made my skin a bit red and tingle, so I didn’t have a great reaction. Some eye creams can do that, so I suggest going to Sephora, find several you want to try, and then they will give you samples to take home. I love Bobby Brown’s eye cream, as it is more on the thick side, but seems great for my skin, and doesn’t irritate. I also like Murad eye cream, a little goes a long way.

  4. Night cream, I confess to not using every night, but every other. I also use the Perricone MD. line here.

  5. Let’s not forget genetics! My mom has good skin, so that helps.  I would say, if you use an exfoliating mask, take your make up off at night, a moisturizer, eye and night cream you are in good shape.

  6. I have never been really one to lay out in the sun, except when I thought in my 20s that tanning at the beach was the way, using baby oil and other horrid means, even if it meant it hurt to take a shower after the beach. Not real smart back then! Now, I go out and use anywhere between a 30-50 sunscreen as that is just as important!

I would like to hear from you regarding what kind of products do you use? What do you find to be the most effective in maintaining nice, soft skin? What is your routine like?


Thanks! Have a great day.

  • Johanna Grange
    Posted at 21:26h, 20 April Reply

    I need to do more masks. I am pretty careful otherwise but I need to pamper it a smidge more. Try Say Yes To Grapefruit eye cream…I love it.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 07:43h, 21 April Reply

      Thank you I appreciate your comment! Yes, the mask is really nice. I have heard about the eye cream, sounds good. thank you

  • aprilgia
    Posted at 21:28h, 19 April Reply

    That mask sounds amazing! I often run out of time during the days, but this is making me want to add some more “me” time to my schedule!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 08:56h, 20 April Reply

      It is quite good. I get mine at the drugstore, you can also get on Amazon. Yes, everyone needs “me” time!

  • Tiina L
    Posted at 13:29h, 18 April Reply

    I have mixed feelings about sunscreen. I absolutely need it, i am Nordic, with very fair skin, and half an hour in the sun makes me look like Miss Piggy… And I mean the colour here. Yet, I just hate sunscreen, the way it smells and makes my skin greasy, sticls to clothes… So, I stay out of the sun (never a fan of sunbathing anyway), and carry a sun umbrella, a parasol (because hats don’t look good on me). I must be doing something right as I have quite a good skin and I’m in my late 40s.

  • Sian
    Posted at 11:34h, 18 April Reply

    To be honest I don’t use hardly anything. Im 52 and am often told I look late thirties. I get some sun as often as I can (living in Wales this is not often) for its health giving benefits. I don’t put sunscreens on as they are full of nasty chemicals that turns out are potentially dangerous once seeped into our systems. I don’t always take my makeup off at night. I use babywipes to clean face. Then a bit of coconut oil. That’s it. Nothing else. I do however eat loads of fruit and veg and salads, nuts, protein and chocolate and lots of natural fats like butter, meat fats, salmon etc ( of course). I don’t drink nor smoke and live in a very mountainous area. I live with the attitude of glass half full and positive thinking. I tend to think that spending loads of money on creams that only work topically is not worth it. What you put in your body however creates every new cell.

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