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THT-7 Products I Recommend for Shiny Healthy Hair This Winter

There are some fabulous hair products I want to share with you today. Do you want shiny, healthy hair?

( No this is not sponsored)

Shiny and Healthy Hair this Winter?

Not only is it wonderful having my friend come over, I make a charcutiere board, pour some wine, but she does both my hair and my husbands.

Now, I do keep abreast about certain hair products, but what I love is that she often brings by something to try on me, thinking it will be great for my hair.

I am sharing with you 5 of these products that keep my hair in tip-top shape . ( Especially in the Winter)

I’m not on board with the dry shampooers of America just yet. It looks like baby powder. I can do that, but why would I want to?

I am a SAHDM- Yes, that is Stay at Home Dog Mom, and my dogs don’t care if my hair is a bit greasy!

In addition, I want the color to slowly fade, and not instantly show my white strands and brassy locks, so I don’t wash it as much as I normally would.

These products are going to continue to be a part of my hair arsenal ( sounds serious), and I’ll tell you why.

Hair Products I am Loving

  1. Aveda Damage Remedy This product smells wonderful, natural ingredients, and I use it as a heat protector on my hair. I use hot rollers and I hair dryer, so It is important to protect the hair from damage. This is a leave in treatment, and you need a teeny amount.  My hair isn’t damaged, it protects it from drying and becoming so. It has scents of Organic Bergamot, Manderin, Ylang, Ylang and other floral essences.

2. Kerestase Paris- Nectar Thermique. There is a bit more in this Kerestase tube, and it also acts as a heat protectant. I switch between the Aveda and the Kerestase tubes.

3. Olaplex #2-3- I am sure you have heard of Olaplex by now, and it repairs and strengthens hair from within. I use the treatment about 2 xs a week, and with the #2 or Bond Building Treatment, it feels like I was at the salon. My hair is silky and smooth.

4. WOW Dreamcoat- This is a spray that is a humidity sealant. It gives a glassy look.  You do not wash it out, but rather spray it on towel dried sections. I bet at some point of styling, youll say “WOW”! LOL.  I just tried this after my friend/stylist recommended it.

5. Biolage color last shampoo- Not that I am a shampoo snob but throw away that Pantene now! It has alcohol and isn’t good for hair. I have tried different shampoos over the years, most recently, Kenra, and then my staple- Biolage. I go back for the Biolage. Kenra did not lather and made my hair a bit flat. Biolage color keeps it clean, healthy looking, and there is no residue. It lathers nicely, and I am quite pleased with this shampoo after trying multiple others.

6. Kerestase Oil– I use this product, but a drop. It has Argan Oil, and if you use too much, will make your hair greasy. So, just a drop will do ya! It helps frizz and keeps hair shiny, and nourished, as we know what Winter weather can do to dry out the hair.


7.  Olivia Garden Professional Hairbrushes 

My friend bought me this XL Ceramic and Ion round brush, that I absolutely love. No flyaways and leaves my hair shiny! I still haven’t mastered the hair dryer and round brush, but I try. And I use it daily! I also bought the paddlebrush for just brushing out my wet hair. I am pleased with this line of professional brushes.

In the Winter, you can certainly let your hair go without washing for more days than you would in the Summer. The coldness, the dryness, of the Winter months, doesnt make it a neccessity, like the summer months with the humidity.

And Lastly About Hair

If I ever did change my hair, other than the white that is coming in now, which could you see me in. A, B, or C? Or None? Just looking.


A                                                            B


What’s Happening

I wrote a little about it yesterday, and just want to say, I have had a set-back with my pelvic floor PT. I was making good progress, and recently, my deeper PF muscles have revolted and decided to tense further and cause additional pain. It is a slow process, as is, so now I am working back on “down training”, diaphramatic breathing, and stretching. Just trying to get my nervous system to settle down. Anyhow, I am doing my best with the blog, but may have to miss posts here and there. I am trying to keep up on IG, and just doing my best.

I do appreciate those of you who follow and read.

Tell me, do you have products that you consider your favorite hair products? Id love to hear your tips for the Winter styling? 

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  • Claire Justine
    Posted at 02:04h, 30 January Reply

    These look like great hair products. I need to try some new things 🙂 Thanks so much for hosting, Jess.

  • Maureen
    Posted at 20:35h, 27 January Reply

    I can definitely use a good hair product and these all sound amazing! Thank you for sharing your favorites. I have heard of Biolage before and need to try this one out. I am sorry to hear about your health set back. It’s definitely frustrating so I hope you are hanging in there. Sending you a lot of love and positive vibes.

    Maureen |

  • Lucy Bertoldi
    Posted at 16:23h, 27 January Reply

    Your mane is phenomenal always- so for sure these products are great!

  • Laura Bambrick
    Posted at 13:19h, 26 January Reply

    I think your hair looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing these products that you use. I need to check some of them out for sure!

  • Midlife and Beyond
    Posted at 14:01h, 25 January Reply

    I’ve heard so much about Olaplex – I need to do my research. Your hair always looks beautiful, Jess, such a gorgeous colour. I’m sorry to hear you have had a set back health wise. Hope things improve in the coming months.
    Alison xx

  • Gail
    Posted at 01:55h, 25 January Reply

    I use nearly all of those products- Wow, Aveda, Olaplex. Very chuffed to be using the same products as you because your hair is always beautiful! x

  • Cheryl Shops
    Posted at 00:03h, 25 January Reply

    I’ve heard such good things about that WOW spray—adding it to my shopping bag now!
    Cheryl Shops |

  • mireille
    Posted at 21:00h, 24 January Reply

    I always feel like your hair looks gorgeous and healthy so this was interesting to read. Hope you get back on track quickly with your healing.

  • Rena
    Posted at 16:20h, 24 January Reply

    I so appreciate these types of non-sponsored product reviews. No better endorsement of how well a product works than to know that it’s a favorite. I’m sorry to hear about your setback but you’ve made progress so hold onto that as motivation to keep at it.


  • Lizzie
    Posted at 12:33h, 24 January Reply

    You have gorgeous hair! Most of these I haven’t tried but.I love Aveda anything! The Damage Remedy is great. Also love that Kerastase oil!


  • Sally in St Paul
    Posted at 10:07h, 24 January Reply

    I’m also a fan of Olaplex #3. I’m sorry to hear about your set-back – good luck to you!

  • Michelle
    Posted at 09:02h, 24 January Reply

    I would choose A if you were to change your hair color. I use Aussie Moist Miracle shampoo, and Aussie 3 minute Miracle conditioner and deep conditioner.

    I’m so sorry about the set back. I know how frustrating that is.


  • Amy Johnson
    Posted at 08:48h, 24 January Reply

    I normally use Biologe but for whatever reason, I purchased Pantene last time. Never again after reading this post. I think B would be a pretty hair color for you.

  • Jennifer
    Posted at 08:14h, 24 January Reply

    Your hair looks fabulous!

    Curated by Jennifer

  • Kellyann Rohr
    Posted at 07:32h, 24 January Reply

    Man, I am so sorry to hear you’ve had a setback but I sure admire your tenacity.
    I need to try the Olaplex products everyone raves about, my thin hair gets weighed down easily but I do want it to be healthy, shiny, and smooth. You have such a gorgeous head of hair Jess!

  • Jill
    Posted at 07:27h, 24 January Reply

    My hair needs all the help it can get, and I’m always looking for new products to try. Thank you for sharing your favorites! I’m sorry about your setback and hope you are feeling better soon.

    Jill – Doused in Pink

  • Mica Away From The Blue
    Posted at 06:42h, 24 January Reply

    Sorry to hear you are having a pain flare up again, I hope it gets better for you! It’s good you have found so many products that work for your hair though, thank you for sharing, and thank you for the link up 🙂

  • Pamela
    Posted at 04:37h, 24 January Reply

    They are all vibrant and introduce lots of different tones. That in itself is a youthful way forward. Sorry to hear your health has taken a knock again, routing for you!

  • Nancy
    Posted at 02:22h, 24 January Reply

    I would chose a for you. Never tried Olaplex, I just changed my hair products. And it’s nice to read what other women use.

  • Katie
    Posted at 02:13h, 24 January Reply

    Thanks so much for the recommendations for hair products! I am always on the lookout for something to repair damaged hair! Hope you have a wonderful week!


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