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Trending Now-Faux Fur, Some History and Shopping Choices

( my coat from poshmark. pic from last yr)

TGIF Ladies,

It is hard to believe Thanksgiving is almost here. I remember sitting around the table, and getting exciting when I could actually sit at the “adult table’, as the square fold up table in which the kid’s sat, would be kind of crowded;-) I thought I would  do a post today on a ‘trending’ fashion, faux fur.

What attracts me to faux fur? I think it is the Glam Effect. Wrap yourself in a faux fur stole, a leopard print coat, perhaps some faux fur accented leather gloves,it just adds that extra special something. I often like to wear my stoles with my vintage pins adorning the style

When did this originate? According to, the Vintage Fashion Guild, “Fur-like fabric is of relatively recent origin—in 1929 using alpaca hair—but fake fur as we know it developed even more recently, in the mid 1950s. It is made in a range of styles to imitate various genuine furs. The pile, or “fur” is usually an acrylic blend, sometimes with genuine fur’s characteristic guardhairs and underhairs achieved by using coarser and finer fibers, the finer of which are shrunk in the finishing process. The backing is often cotton.” 

You know the old saying, “Learn something new every day.” that is not a bad practice! Years ago, fur was considered more of a status symbol, a way of showing others that a woman was in a certain financial bracket. later in the 70’s things changed, and a new movement against using real fur from animals was developed. I was not looking to go into the ethics of wearing fur, as I am sure you are familiar with both sides. I am giving just a bit of background to how the faux fur industry began.

What i love about wearing faux fur, is the texture. One of the many things I enjoy about Fall dressing, is the ability to layer, thus creating outfits with pattern, texture, color and more creative interest. Mix your faux fur with a lace skirt. Wear it with a longer tunic and faux leather pants or leggings. At the moment, faux fur is big. Not only shown in animal print, ( although leopard faux fur is a favorite of mine!) there are brighter colored coats, soft fall hued jackets and coats, along with fun additions of snoods and stoles too amplify your fall outfit.

This is one of my favorite jackets I bought on Poshmark last year. You will see me wearing this more on the blog!

If you are looking for some ideas for the Holidays, here are some faux fur coats, gloves and more that I put together for you. Looking for a fun, furry faux fur gift?

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Are you one to enjoy wearing faux fur? How do you like to wear it? Let me know in the comments and thank you for the lovely comments as well. 

Have a great weekend!

Jess xo

  • Claire justine
    Posted at 04:38h, 26 November Reply

    Love your jacket Jess. I love faux fur at this time of years. So warm and cosy 🙂 Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays. Hope you can join us tomorrow.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 11:11h, 26 November Reply

      hi Claire, this is one of my favorite jackets, it is so soft and warm! thank you ;-)xx

  • Debbie Hull
    Posted at 22:48h, 18 November Reply

    Hi Jess ! I love the leopard jacket that you are wearing. I don’t believe in wearing real fur. But that’s me. You have great taste in clothes. Happy Thanksgiving Jess !

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:46h, 19 November Reply

      hi Debbie! Thank you! It was a steal at Poshmark, and so warm too! I agree with you about wearing real fur. Same to you Debbie! I am looking forward to it. xx

  • Elle
    Posted at 20:07h, 18 November Reply

    Love your gorgeous jacket Jess! What a fabulous buy and stunning on you. I love the look of fur, And you informed me very well with these cool facts. I also love the choices you featured, going to go clickity click soon after!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:47h, 19 November Reply

      Thank you Elle! It was a great buy and i love how warm it is. Tempting isn’t it/ have a wonderful day Elle! xx

  • livewellplaytogether
    Posted at 18:16h, 18 November Reply

    It is really hard to believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner – maybe because my little one is growing up and so much more active this year, maybe because we’re expecting another, perhaps because I’ve been spending more time starting the blog, I don’t know. But this year is really FLYING by! I love leopard this time of year and your jacket is so pretty! It especially looks great with your red hair!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 18:24h, 18 November Reply

      I know! I do think these months have flown by! Then after the Holidays goes so slow! Oh, congratulations on expecting! kids do grow up quickly, it seems. The blog can really take up your time, i try and stick with a routine, but it can be tough. It is great that you are starting it, as i have gotten much from blogging. I appreciate the lovely comment. i found this jacket thrifting and its one of my favorite purchases. xx

  • Jodie
    Posted at 14:58h, 18 November Reply

    I love the faux fur—it’s so soft and warm!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 15:05h, 18 November Reply

      Yes, thanks Jodie! I would love one that is a bit longer, but am a bit more traditional i suppose with color. there are some fun coats out there. xx

  • Cristina - Memories of the Pacific
    Posted at 14:06h, 18 November Reply

    I love your coat! Faux fur is so realistic these days there’s no need for the real thing. I hope fur disappears.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 15:06h, 18 November Reply

      Thank you Cristina! So true, it is very realistic. i am with you! xx

  • Kristin McMillan
    Posted at 11:33h, 17 November Reply

    Great jacket, Jess! I love leopard print anything! This looks so cozy, and I love that you paired those beautiful blue shoes with it. Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 11:54h, 17 November Reply

      Thank you Kristin! Me too, I love leopard and this jacket is very warm! Enjoy your weekend as well. xx

      • Kristin McMillan
        Posted at 13:04h, 17 November Reply

        And oh boy, warm is going to be keyword now here in Boston! Thanks! xx

        • Jess Jannenga
          Posted at 11:00h, 18 November Reply

          it gets colder here around Dec, so this furry jacket of mine will be coming ou. xx

  • Laura || Walking in Memphis in High Heels
    Posted at 09:32h, 17 November Reply

    I love that leopard jacket! It’s so pretty and it looks so warm!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:35h, 17 November Reply

      Thank you Laura, it is really warm. One of my favorites! xx

  • Nancy
    Posted at 06:29h, 17 November Reply

    That is a fabulous jacket! I love it. Happy weekend Jess.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:35h, 17 November Reply

      Thank you Nancy, do you enjoy leopard print? Happy weekend to you! xx

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