Turning Heads linkup-Fall Wedding Attire- What I’ll Be Wearing - Elegantly Dressed and Stylish
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Turning Heads linkup-Fall Wedding Attire- What I’ll Be Wearing

Hello Friends!

Well, next week I will be attending my nephew Corey’s wedding in Asheville, NC. My mom rented a house for the family for the week, and we are going to be relaxing and enjoying the mountains. I am really looking forward to it! Asheville, an artsy mountain town has always appealed to me, with it’s laid back mellow nature and fun artsy shops. We have much planned the week prior to the wedding, but my sister, mom and i have all discussed what we were wearing.

Oh yes! Pictures of shoes, dresses and jewelry have gone back and forth, links exchanged. We all looked forward to getting dresses, but knew that we would have to choose shoes with not much of a heel as we would be standing outside, in a barn for the ceremony. it is no fun sinking into the grass with a heel. Been there. 🙂

I will still have a link up the week i am in Asheville, but not much more for that week. i do feel the need to not be on the computer and social media, for a ‘real break” and to enjoy my family’s company. I will most likely share on Instastories as we will be going to the Biltmore and doing plenty in town.

I am wearing my burgundy floral Karina dress for the rehearsal dinner the night before, no worries about packing them and wrinkling. I am wearing this antique looking pine green vintage rose sheer dress ( with delicate slip underneath) from Zara . It was love at first sight when I saw the pattern and style. i am pairing it with my Marc Fisher suede red pointed wedges, as they are the perfect match and practical for our venue.

For weddings, i usually carry a clutch, but my rebecca minkoff Love bag was just the perfect match and small enough to carry. I wanted some vintage or vintage inspired jewelry to go with this look and my Uno Alla Volta emerald necklace, along with my vintage earrings I bought in Charleston were my choices.

i loved the soft look of this dress and decided I will either wear it with my emerald necklace or a faux fur wrap. It most likely will be chilly during the service, since it is outside, and Oct in the mountains, so i will bring a coat.

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I can’t wait for hiking, taking it easy, and the fun we will have together!

Details: Dress: Zara ( sim), shoes; Marc Fisher DSW, handbag: rebecca minkoff, necklace c/o Uno Alla Volta.

So let’s get to Partying!

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  • Nicole Mölders
    Posted at 23:22h, 15 October Reply

    Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. That emerald necklace is perfect with the dress

  • Julie Nix
    Posted at 03:05h, 14 October Reply

    This dress looks so pretty and compliments your red hair so nicely! I’m a redhead too! AND…I love those cute shoes!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:10h, 15 October Reply

      Thank you Julie! I wanted a wedge for the wedding and loved the color!xx

  • Lana
    Posted at 00:16h, 14 October Reply

    Asheville is so beautiful – you’ll have such a wonderful time. This dress is gorgeous on you. Have fun! Thank you for linking up with The Blended Blog.

  • Laura || Walking in Memphis in High Heels
    Posted at 20:03h, 12 October Reply

    I love the floral print, it’s so pretty and would work perfect for really any event.

  • Amy Christensen
    Posted at 14:40h, 12 October Reply

    Jess, that dress is simply lovely and all of your accessories go so well with it. You will look beautiful for the rehearsal dinner. I hope you have a great week away with your family. I know what you mean about needing to get away and unplug for a while. It really gives us a fresh perspective. Have a great time. – Amy

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:35h, 13 October Reply

      Thank you Amy! i am posting a Turning heads tuesday while away next week, since it is a commitment, but most of the time away will be tech free….! thanks so much. xx

  • Mary Murnane
    Posted at 13:26h, 12 October Reply

    Such a soft, feminine dress, Jess! Love the color palette! So beautiful on you!


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:34h, 13 October Reply

      Thanks so much Mary! I think it will work out well for the Fall wedding! 😉 xx

  • Coco
    Posted at 11:31h, 12 October Reply

    Thank you for hosting dear! I’m linking back to you HERE Hope you’ll check out my latest Fashion post

  • Rachel
    Posted at 03:26h, 12 October Reply

    Beautiful dress! You look pretty!


  • best wp template
    Posted at 02:52h, 12 October Reply

    waoo girl you look gorgeous realy & so interesting selection ! i love yours outfit dear … 🙂
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    Posted at 23:34h, 11 October Reply

    What a lovely outfit! The accessories really make this look stand out, especially love the bag and jewellery choice. /Madison

  • Roxanne Birnbaum
    Posted at 09:38h, 11 October Reply

    I love the dress and the wedges are so fun!

  • Andrea@WellnessNotes
    Posted at 08:58h, 11 October Reply

    Such a petty dress! You look beautiful!

    Thanks for the link up & I hope you are having a good week!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:33h, 11 October Reply

      Thank you Andrea! I couldn’t pass up the style. you too, enjoy your week! xx

  • Anna Shirley
    Posted at 04:30h, 11 October Reply

    Such a wonderful floral dress. You will be shine on the wedding. o)


  • rosie
    Posted at 20:08h, 10 October Reply

    Lovely dress! The florals are perfect for fall.

    Life is just Rosie

  • Elle
    Posted at 18:37h, 10 October Reply

    Hello beautiful Jess,
    I am certain all eyes will be on you at the wonderful wedding that you are attending. That floral dress is so very pretty and your Emerald necklace caught my eye on Instagram. Plus those shoes! Love love love! Have a wonderful week beautiful.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:34h, 11 October Reply

      Aww you are sweet Elle. I think all eyes will be on the bride, but i couldn’t pass up this lovely dress. My little six yr old neice is already a fashionista and she can’t wait to talk to aunt jess about fashion when we are at the cabin. Glad you like the outfit i put together, just praying for lovely weather. xx

      • Elle
        Posted at 09:09h, 13 October Reply

        What fun it be with your niece. I hope the weather is perfect!
        Xox, Elle

        • Jess Jannenga
          Posted at 10:31h, 13 October Reply

          Thank you Elle! Yes, she is a little mini-me! she loves dresses and jewelry and getting dressed up. me too! xx

  • jacqui
    Posted at 15:46h, 10 October Reply

    It’s delightful on you Jess, I love this dress, it’s so pretty. x Jacqui

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:36h, 11 October Reply

      Thank you Jacqui! i loved the vintage vibe 🙂 xx

  • Emma Peach
    Posted at 12:02h, 10 October Reply

    I love the pretty vintage floral print of this dress, the colours look lovely on you. You always have the perfect jewellery for any outfit – I need to get some pretty drop earrings. I’m trying to get back into the habit of wearing them after I stopped when my daughter was little – kids just love yanking them! Thank you so much for the feature, that was a nice surprise 🙂

    Emma xxx

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:28h, 10 October Reply

      Thank you Emma! The print and green background attracted me to this dress. I can see drop earrings being a problem with a little kid! I can’t wait for a bit of a break in the mountains. xx

  • Jacket Society
    Posted at 12:01h, 10 October Reply

    Beautiful fall colors Jess which look so good on you. Lovely dress and accessories. You look fab 🙂

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:28h, 10 October Reply

      Thank you Nora! It caught my eye right away! xx

  • carmen
    Posted at 11:22h, 10 October Reply

    Gorgeous autumnal dress! You look very elegant and ready for a wedding or any special event.



    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:30h, 10 October Reply

      Thank you Carmen! I am looking forward to the outdoor wedding, we are supposed to have nice weather too! xx

  • Nancy
    Posted at 10:24h, 10 October Reply

    What a very very beautiful dress. Karina dresses are so stylish and have these wonderful colours. I also love the shoes you choose with this outfit!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:30h, 10 October Reply

      Thank you Nancy, this dress is from Zara, and you know I am a big fan as well. Thx, I wanted a rich red pair of shoes. xx

  • Gemma
    Posted at 10:23h, 10 October Reply

    Oh this dress is just gorgeous on you! Have a great day! Gemma x

  • Laura Bambrick
    Posted at 10:07h, 10 October Reply

    I love how you have brought out the colors in that dress with your accessories! You look beautiful!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:31h, 10 October Reply

      Thank you Laura! I felt that the vintage muted colors could be brought out more and loved the rich red shoes. xx

  • Suzanne Smith
    Posted at 10:07h, 10 October Reply

    You look great in that beautiful floral!

    Ashville is one of my favorite places to visit and it should be beautiful this week! Have a great time!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:33h, 10 October Reply

      Thank you Suzanne! My hubby and I would annually go to Asheville in November for their Film festival. We know the area well, so it should be alot of fun. The wedding is next week, but we get to hang out for the week prior.. .im ready! xx

  • Cheryl Tucker
    Posted at 09:33h, 10 October Reply

    This is perfect wedding attire! I love the colors and the feminine style of the dress! Great post!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:33h, 10 October Reply

      Thank you Cheryl! I saw this dress and knew it would be perfect for the wedding! xx

  • Shauna
    Posted at 09:05h, 10 October Reply

    I love this dress for a fall wedding. My sister actually gets married this weekend, so it’s perfect! 🙂 Love the darker bag too. Have a great week!



    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:34h, 10 October Reply

      Thank you Shauna! Ah, congrats to your sister, it is the perfect time of year for a wedding. You too! xx

  • cheriejamesp
    Posted at 08:57h, 10 October Reply

    Have a wonderful time during the week of the wedding. We all need that break from social media because it’s 24/7! Beautiful dress Jess, so very pretty on you.


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:35h, 10 October Reply

      Thank you Cherie! I loved the vintage style and colors. Yes! I will not be on my computer and only IG a bit for the week. you are so right, we need a break! xx

  • Laurie
    Posted at 08:49h, 10 October Reply

    Beautiful Jess. Love the colour xx

  • Amy Johnson
    Posted at 08:46h, 10 October Reply

    Oh WOW! This is dress is beautiful and you look amazing in it! Perfect for a fall wedding.

  • shelbeeontheedge1
    Posted at 08:28h, 10 October Reply

    Oh wow, Jess! This dress is so perfectly you! I love the vintage feel of it and the print are fabric are just so beautiful! And those wedge heels…how adorable! I hope you have the most time at the wedding! Celebrations of this sort are so good for the soul!


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:38h, 10 October Reply

      Thank you Shelbee! the dress is light and comfy and i couldn’t pass up the colors/print. I appreciate it I look forward to the tech time away and the mountain escape! xx

  • Jone't
    Posted at 08:11h, 10 October Reply

    You’ve selected a beautiful and stylish outfit for your nephew’s wedding. I love the suede shoes with the pattern on the dress. Xo Jonet

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:36h, 10 October Reply

      Thank you Jone’t! I may wear a faux fur collar depending on temps. So glad you like the look, I can’t wait for the mountains! xx

  • Jodie
    Posted at 08:08h, 10 October Reply

    What a gorgeous dress on you Jess!! The colors are perfect!
    How fun to go to a fall wedding—you’ll have such a good time!!

  • jade goddard
    Posted at 08:00h, 10 October Reply

    omg I am in love with them shoes! wow amazing love the red! thanks for sharing


  • Olga
    Posted at 07:24h, 10 October Reply

    This is such a beautiful dress! I love its delicate floral print!

  • Suzy Turner
    Posted at 07:00h, 10 October Reply

    You look absolutely gorgeous, Jess! That dress is utterly divine, I can totally see why you had to have it. I’ve actually been to Asheville!!!! We stayed there a couple of years ago when we did a road trip from Washington DC to Florida. It was great – we had so much fun!
    Have a super week, my friend – and a fabulous wedding of course!
    Suzy xx
    http://www.suzyturner.com & http://www.yogadocious.com

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