Turning Heads Linkup-Visiting DC -Floral Dress - Elegantly Dressed and Stylish
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Turning Heads Linkup-Visiting DC -Floral Dress

Hello friends

Glad to be back but had an amazing time visiting my brother and sis in law in DC. This was long overdue, as I hadn’t seen their condo and wanted to visit the area. We initially went to see and take pictures of the blooming Sakura trees (cherry blossoms) but they had a freeze and snow prior to, causing them to freeze and not bloom. Not one cherry tree! My brother said “we made history” and that this has not happened before.  Nevertheless, we had a great time visiting the monuments,and I found the WWII Memorial particuarly impressive. We did have lunch at the Willard,  and I had a “Blossom Martini” if that counts, in one of the oldest hotel in the area. The woodwork and round bar had a nostalgic feeling to it. The bar was the Round Robin.

Since Friday was St Patty’s day, we went to an Irish Pub, waiting in line to get in and filing in with the masses wearing mini kilts and green hair. ( And those were just the guys!) Lets just say the bar was packed, we toasted and drank to my Dad, who was a fine Irishman, drinking a Coors Light and turning beet red. A band played and asked for requests, as I shouted “Danny Boy” and was not heard over the crowd. Was I asking too much to hear a classic Irish tune?

The Round Robin Bar where I had my Cherry Blossom Martini! This hotel was famous for the Mint Julip!

Inside the Willard Hotel. circa 1887

We made our way to Georgetown where there were shops galore. Does anyone else have the issue when they have money to spend, they can’t find anything ? I was excited to check out the Zara store only to later realize that it was disheveled, with clothes strewn about, disorganized, and made the place look somewhat cheap. They had older styles there and I thought I would just find what I wanted on-line. My sis in law and I agreed that H&M was spacious, organized and presented well, but we still did not buy anything! We enjoyed a delicious lunch instead and a mainstay restaurant in the area.

My favorite was the WWII Memorial.

The last part of our visit, we went to Paradise Vineyards. We are always up for a new Vineyard and trying new wines. The grounds were lovely, but there was a chill in the air, so we decided to eventually sit by the fireplace. We had a “performer” as our wine tasting presenter, and the ‘entertainment” lasted an hour, the pours generous. I think we were all walking sideways after the wine tasting. Fortunately we had sushi and cheese with us, and enjoyed it catching up with things. The wines were delicious from the light buttery crisp  taste of the Chardonney to the hearty bold Maritage.

At the condo, we had a good time relaxing, with all 3 pups getting along. Pedro is my brother’s rescue dog and loved the attention. I had to laugh because my boy Gibson is so regimented, when it was 9:00 at night, he would look up the stairs and make a low growl saying ” Mom, its time for bed?” We had a great time visiting!

Today, since I was unable to show you the cherry blossoms, I thought I would wear a dress with floral blossoms myself. Even though these are poppies, I thought they signified the coming of Spring. This sheath dress is Ann taylor, the black moto jacket HM, and my red block heels , Zara. This is one of my favorite color combinations and I have a closet ready to bring out the Spring dresses. Thought I would have a change from the denim I have been wearing. My black bag is Rebecca Minkoff, as I am loving crossbody bags more and more these days.

Besides the red and magenta flowers, I love the khaki and tan colors throughout the print.

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GLAD TO HAVE YOU AT TURNING HEADS TUESDAY. Link up as many posts as you wish, please click on and comment on 2 posts per blogger. Can’t wait to see your Spring looks! 

Now let’s party! Since I was out last week, I will be choosing 2 posts from this week’s linkup for most clicked and Pinterest Pic for next week.

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  • curlycraftymom
    Posted at 13:15h, 30 March Reply

    That floral print dress and color are so, so pretty on you! I have never been to DC, but hope to someday. And, you got to have some family time! Sounds like you had a wonderful time and so many great photos!


  • thestylesplash
    Posted at 16:59h, 29 March Reply

    Your beautiful dress surely made up for the lack of blossom on the trees – it looks fab with the moto jacket and that lovely bag. What a pity the Zara store was a disappointment…thank goodness for online shopping!

    Emma xxx

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:46h, 30 March Reply

      Thank you Emma, I figure there is next year for the cherry blossoms! Glad you like the outfit! Yes, I enjoy online shopping much more!

  • Monika Styleworld
    Posted at 12:02h, 29 March Reply

    So cute this floral dress on you dear Jess. Perfect for your spring trip to DC. I am sure you had a great time. A friend yesterday sent me a lot of pictures from Washington, where she had spent last weekend with her hubby. Such a great place. I would have loved to be there too.

  • barrettadeb
    Posted at 20:49h, 28 March Reply

    Jess, you look beautiful doll. I am so disappointed that you didn’t get to enjoy the lovely cheery blossoms. What a shame! I a so excited that you invited me to the link up. I can’t wait to meet all these lovely ladies and get inspiration from their style. Thanks again dear. xoxo

    Stylewise by Debra

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:46h, 29 March Reply

      Thank you Deb! Glad to see you here! Oh, no worries as it was great to enjoy time with my brother and his wife, maybe next year! xx

  • jacqui
    Posted at 18:55h, 28 March Reply

    Marvellous, post. I always have the same problem when I’ve money in my pocket – why does that happen! Lovely weekend and very interesting read. Thanks so much for sharing Jess. Jacqui

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:47h, 29 March Reply

      Thank you Jacqui, isnt that the truth! Glad you enjoyed the post it was a lovely time. xx

  • Coco
    Posted at 17:22h, 28 March Reply

    Thank you for hosting dear! I’m linking back to you HERE Hope you’ll check out my latest Fashion post

  • Amy Christensen
    Posted at 17:13h, 28 March Reply

    So glad you had a good time, Jess, even without the blossoms. Your dress is so pretty and I love the shoes. You look perfect for spring! Very pretty photos. Thanks for sharing.- Amy

  • Elle
    Posted at 15:56h, 28 March Reply

    Love the red print dress with those pretty maryjanes! Yes, the martini counts! I am so sorry about the trees, cherry blossoms are my favorite! So sad and worrisome about the weather .But I am glad you could make this trip. I also love the Willard Hotel!
    xx, Elle

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:53h, 29 March Reply

      Hi Elle, thanks so much. I know! It would have been nice had the trees been in bloom, another time! The Willard was impressive! xx

  • Laura @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels
    Posted at 14:09h, 28 March Reply

    This floral dress is stunning. You look amazing and I love those strappy shoes!

  • Andrea
    Posted at 12:15h, 28 March Reply

    Sounds like you had a lovely visit even thought the cherry blossoms weren’t cooperating.

    I really like this outfit, Jess! The dress is so pretty, and the jacket adds just a little bit of edginess.

    Thanks for the link up & Happy Tuesday!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:54h, 29 March Reply

      It was a great time. This is one of my favorite dresses that I have had for years. xx

  • OceanBlue Style “Salonblog”
    Posted at 12:00h, 28 March Reply

    Love your shoes Jess and the bag is a killer. You look fabulous. Totally want to steal this look 🙂 And thanks for sharing those amazing pics from D.C. My husband worked there a couple of years ago and loved it. Its definitely on my bucket list. Although reading about it at school when Washington built that beautiful city on a swamp made me wonder….haha…Thank you as always for the link up and wishing you a great week. xo Sabina

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:58h, 29 March Reply

      Hi my friend! The bag was a Christmas present as I kept eyeing these crossbody bags. Yes, DC was amazing and I really enjoyed the monuments. Had a great time with family. Haha! made me laugh about Washington!xx

  • Jacket Society
    Posted at 11:38h, 28 March Reply

    Love this look on you Jess, beautiful dress and it looks fab with the moto jacket. Your shoes are so cute too. I am glad you had a great time!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:58h, 29 March Reply

      Thank you Nora! I think it is finally Spring! xx

  • Roxanne
    Posted at 11:16h, 28 March Reply

    I’m so happy you had a fun time in my city! The Willard is stunning! I haven’t checked out their bar before, though.

    The WWII memorial is my favorite, too. I hope they had the fountains on this time of year. The fountains make it truly spectacular.

    Georgetown is so fun. Unfortunately, the H&M there isn’t the best in the city, but hopefully you enjoyed your lunch there!


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:00h, 29 March Reply

      Hi Roxanne, yes, I could have spent more time looking around the Willard. I love older buildings. The bar was so fun. I will be back again, so I will have things on my list 🙂 xx

  • Mary Murnane (@MaryMurnane)
    Posted at 11:13h, 28 March Reply

    Love this color combo. The mix of leather and floral is the perfect high and low contrast. This sounds like an amazing trip!


  • Gail Hanlon
    Posted at 11:12h, 28 March Reply

    What a shame about the cherry blossom! But your pretty dress more than makes up for it. I love the red shoes. I have had the same problem you describe – money to spend, and finding nothing to spend it on – more times than I can remember!

  • cheriejamesp
    Posted at 10:24h, 28 March Reply

    Your floral dress is the perfect dress for D.C. in the spring with all the trees blooming. Looks like you had a wonderful time Jess, thank you for sharing your trip and for hosting.


  • Jennie
    Posted at 10:19h, 28 March Reply

    Welcome back! I enjoyed seeing your photos and reading about your visit. I also find when I have money to spend I cannot seem to find anything I want. Ha! I am sorry you missed the cherry trees. You look beautiful in your floral dress and fun red shoes! The moto jacket finishes this look perfectly.

  • Laurie Duncan
    Posted at 10:07h, 28 March Reply

    It’s a shame you didn’t get to see the blossoms, but sound like you had a great time anyway. I love Washington DC! And your dress is so bright and beautiful! 🙂

  • Laura
    Posted at 09:53h, 28 March Reply

    Absolutely gorgeous dress! Love the moto jacket you added!

  • Amy Johnson
    Posted at 09:50h, 28 March Reply

    I’m shocked about the cherry trees. I had heard about the freeze, but then I read another report that some would still bloom. Sad to hear none of them are now. That bar and hotel look amazing! You’re dress is gorgeous!

  • Ada
    Posted at 09:48h, 28 March Reply

    Looks like you had a great vacation and your floral dress is so pretty, like cherry blossoms. You own so many pretty florals. Beautiful red shoes, too. Thanks for the linkup and welcome by Thursday and linkup with me, as well! Thanks, Ada. =)

  • plutrell
    Posted at 09:42h, 28 March Reply

    Well, you look like a cherry blossom! I love DC in the fall and spring…so lovely! Thanks for the link up, Jess.

  • carmen
    Posted at 09:22h, 28 March Reply

    Thanks for taking us on a little tour of DC. I was there many moons ago and would love to go again someday. Your springtime outfit is so pretty and I love your red shoes! I’m wearing red shoes in my new post but it’s not springtime yet up here in the north. Hopefully next month, but we can still have a snowfall in April. 🙁

    Thank you for hosting!


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:28h, 28 March Reply

      We had a great time and there were places we didn’t get pictures as we just wanted to have fun. We will be visiting there as my brother is there and it isnt a far trip. Glad you enjoyed my outfit! xx

  • Shauna
    Posted at 09:17h, 28 March Reply

    DC is one of my favorite places to visit! I cannot get over just how beautiful it is!



  • Amy Arnold
    Posted at 08:50h, 28 March Reply

    Such a pretty floral print. I love it with the leather jacket and those cute shoes!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • Ashley
    Posted at 08:44h, 28 March Reply

    Loving this floral dress, doll! Such a great spring piece!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:29h, 28 March Reply

      Thank you Ashley! I have plenty more dresses to share 🙂 xx

  • robjodiefilogomo
    Posted at 08:43h, 28 March Reply

    I think the martini totally counts, Jess!! I guess you’ll just have to go back another year, right??
    It’s nice to hear that you had a great time! And that dress is fabulous on you—the colors just make it so pretty!

  • Julie @ Running in a Skirt
    Posted at 08:34h, 28 March Reply

    So cute! Glad you had fun in DC. I totally agree… when I have money to shop OR really need something… I can’t find it. But it if I’m not looking or don’t have a shopping budget I find everything! LOL!

  • Celia M.
    Posted at 08:33h, 28 March Reply

    Sounds like a wonderful visit with your brother and sis in law!! and the furbabies had a nice time too!! … LOL… Gibson and my babies have the same “bedtime” .. it’s amazing how on time they are … and for dinner too! … Your dress is perfect for welcoming spring – and as always you look fabulous. That bar looks charming .. ohhhh Cherry Blossom Martini – sounds divine! … We have a park in Toronto (High Park) where cherry blossoms can be seen … last year was a dismal blossom season – hoping for better one this year .

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:31h, 28 March Reply

      Hi Celia, yes so funny about the puppies! We really had a great visit and such a relaxing but fun trip. I love to see the historic buildings and hope to cherry blossoms next year! The drink was very good!

  • Dawn Lucy - Fashion Should Be Fun
    Posted at 08:06h, 28 March Reply

    You look amazing, Jess! Fab photos of DC too!

    Dawn Lucy

  • Nina Bosken
    Posted at 08:05h, 28 March Reply

    The first thing that popped out to me in these photos were those shoes! I adore them! I also love how you mixed a floral dress with a leather jacket. I spent some time living in DC and I loved the cherry blossoms in the spring! It’s a fun place to visit!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:32h, 28 March Reply

      Hi Nina, thank you! Yes, I love red shoes and these caught my eye. We will be back visiting again and exploring the area. xx

  • jaymieashcraft
    Posted at 06:24h, 28 March Reply

    Great dress! Looks like a wonderful trip!!

  • Nancy Baten
    Posted at 06:19h, 28 March Reply

    I am glad you had a great time! Always love your dresses!

  • Pam Greer
    Posted at 06:14h, 28 March Reply

    Who needs blossoms when you’re wearing them yourself? Love those shoes!!

  • marta
    Posted at 06:01h, 28 March Reply

    Great pics and love this pretty dress!

  • shelbeeontheedge1
    Posted at 05:52h, 28 March Reply

    Jess, I am loving that floral dress with the moto jacket. And the red shoes are simply adorable! Such fabulous photos and it looks like you had an amazing trip. I think we are due for a trip to D.C. soon. I haven’t been there in years and my 5 year old has been asking lately to see the White House! Plus we love all the military memorials and I think my kids would get a huge kick out of it!


  • Carrie
    Posted at 05:44h, 28 March Reply

    So pretty and fresh for Spring. Great shoes, Jess!

  • stinedurfdl
    Posted at 05:42h, 28 March Reply

    Beautiful shots…I’m glad you had a good time visiting with your brother Jess! Love the dress and the shoes are fabulous!

  • sequinist
    Posted at 04:32h, 28 March Reply

    OH what a shame about the cherry blossoms! I’ve seen them many times in DC and they are so breathtaking. Looks like you had fun anyway! xx

  • notdressedaslamb
    Posted at 03:14h, 28 March Reply

    What a shame about the lack of blossom, Jess! At least you brightened up the place with your pretty dress, love it paired with the contrasting tough biker jacket. It’s lovely to see DC, can’t wait to see it ourselves in the summer…!!

    Thank you for hosting 🙂

    Catherine x

  • Mica
    Posted at 02:29h, 28 March Reply

    it sounds like a fun trip, even if you didn’t get to see the blossoms! The blossoms on your dress ar ethe perfect replacement, and it’s so nice with the leather jacket! 🙂

    It’s good when dogs get along! My in-laws bought a puppy and Cooper is NOT amused with him, they are always growling at each other. Cooper’s more of a people dog than a dog dog, if that makes sense? He’s a rescue too so we don’t know if he had a tough time with other dogs. THe other dogs in the shelter were growling and snapping at him when the lady picked him up to let us play with him 🙁
    Thank you for the link up!
    Hope you are having a good start to the week 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

  • Katie
    Posted at 02:05h, 28 March Reply

    I love your gorgeous dress! It’s too bad that you missed out on the cherry blossoms. We’ve had a greats season for those in L.A., but the weather is much warmer! Thanks for hosting and have a great week!


  • Onyinye
    Posted at 02:02h, 28 March Reply

    You look really great in that outfit. I like the colors and how beautiful every piece looks especially your shoes. Lovely photos too.
    Modavracha | Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:36h, 28 March Reply

      Thank you very much! It is one of my favorite spring dresses and the shoes are so fun! Glad you like the pics 🙂 xx

  • Laurie
    Posted at 01:49h, 28 March Reply

    The Willard hotel looks gorgeous Jess. Some lovely photos here too. It’s good to take time out and I could do with some of that at the moment! xx

  • Olga
    Posted at 01:30h, 28 March Reply

    Looks like you had a great time! Nice photos! Beautiful floral dress and those shoes are simply awesome!

  • Rena
    Posted at 01:19h, 28 March Reply

    What a lovey trip and visit with family even if the weather wasn’t cooperating. The photos of DC are great and your dress is so pretty. The colors are very flattering on you. Thanks for the link up.


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