Amazon Prime Purchases This Time of Year
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Amazon Prime Purchases This Time of Year


I thought I would post some of my “goodies” from Amazon Prime this time of year.

With the Holidays nearing, we go a bit Prime crazy with Amazon, as we have Dirty Santa gifts to buy, decor, Christmas bags or wrapping and more. I buy some gifts there, others in local shops, and others I had bought in Italy on our trip.

Today I will share some of the purchases I have made and see if it gives you any ideas or inspiration.

I have some Holiday greenery centerpieces and needed some new candles. These were reasonable and come in various colors, I bought the red ones.

Holiday Items

I mentioned in this post, that I love to wear gold with my outfits this time of year. I have incorporated copper and gold in THIS REEL. I purchased these items and am waiting on a few. I love the idea of wearing  gold socks with heels or sandals- very fashionable and modern. These are not your Birkenstock -tube socks kinda look! LOL! With other dresses I will wear these sparkly gold stockings. 

Such a great shape with this sparkly gold bag!

These  gift bags are a great deal, and I like to mix up gift bags and wrapping for gifts.

Personal Items

My favorite hairspray is on sale, and I love the hold of this one. I have tried many different hairsprays, but this seems to hold the best.

I love this mat! I saw a similar one at my mom’s house over Thanksgiving, and what is great is you can change out the inner mat without having to buy a new mat for each holiday or season. The inserts come with this set! You can also purchase other inserts if you desire.

I use this NYX stick for contour and highlight. It’s a great price too.

Dirty Santa and Ornament Party gifts

It’s called “dirty santa” but it is about stealing gifts after you pick gifts. It is a fun game in which you choose an item (after everyone has brought a gift) and you can steal another’s if you like it more. There is more to it, but I think you get the gist.

These are the gifts I bought for our Santa game, and also for the ornament party.

I love getting home decor for the Holidays as gifts, so this Joy sign and Merry Christmas garland ( in vintage style) caught my eye for some of the “Santa” gifts. The Joy sign is unavailable right now, but this one is pretty too!

The Ewok Lenox Christmas ornament is for my husband, who love Star Wars, but also because our little shih tzus remind us of Ewoks and we’ve dressed them up as such for Halloween.

For the ornament party, I purchased the wine ornament ( We are all wine fans in our family- notice I didn’t say “wine snobs” ) My brother, however, prefers beer.

As a kid, I used to use the spray stencils and spray the windows. I found these window cling snowflake stickers for some winter and holiday fun.

We always see beautiful hummingbirds in our hummingbird feeders ( SIL house and ours) and I thought this stained glass looking ornament was beautiful!

This was a gift I gave our dog groomer along with a bottle of wine for Christmas. She collects angels, and this is a bell Lenox Christmas ornament.

I’d love to hear what your purchases were from Amazon this season.

**This post contains affiliate links which are links at no extra cost to you.

Have a great weekend!

Jess xx


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