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Glamour in Gleaming Hues: Metallics and Lace Elegance for the Festive Season

Good day! I am giving you fashion inspiration wearing metallics and lace for this holiday season.

Metallics and Lace for the Holidays

First, excuse the Fall wreath behind me, I do have the Christmas wreath up, but these pictures were taken before we went to Pittsburgh.

I do have copper and gold in this look! You know the adage, “All that glitters is not gold.” Well, that is true, for this year’s metallics, it is gold and copper! My copper camisole is from Banana Republic, new with tags on Poshmark. I do a bit of thrifting during the Holidays, for pieces I might just wear then, but let’s face it, you can wear metallics year-round if you like. This is similar to the one I bought, and you get green as well.

These shoes were a purchase last week, so I am waiting to wear and style them. They are still on sale for a great price!! ( Under $30)  They have them in silver and gold. These pumps are a great design and you can find them in gold! So many things have sold out in gold, as it is that time of year.

Exchanging out some of the pieces like my shoes and bag for gold accessories, metallics are hot this year!

Here was A POST where I wore my lace skirt a few years ago, styled for the Holidays.

Are you more of a gold or silver fan?

Tending to go for more warm tones, I am inclined to wear gold. I especially love silver on the grey/silver/white haired ladies as the cool tones are beautiful as well.

Adding my Baroque pearl necklace adds some elegance to the look as well. If you are a regular reader, you know I have had this gold threaded lace skirt for over 10 years. I bought it at Ann Taylor at the time, and it reminds me of a vintage style.

One of these gold bags could be exchanged for the bag I am carrying in this look. This rhinestone glittery purse is perfect for the season, without breaking the budget. I love the knotted handle. I just love the shape of this gold bag, by the Drop, a more reputable Amazon brand.


Since getting back from the ‘Burg, we have been working on decorating the house for Christmas. Everything comes down from the attic. I would love to have the Christmas stuff on the first floor, as climbing up a drop down wooden staircase I don’t think would be ideal once I hit 80! We just don’t have the storage space.

Most of the decor is done except the tree, that will be finished this week. I love the 12-foot tree we got last year for our 2 story great room. We also put a smaller tree with a few less ornaments, in the window, as I always love that look as we see inside the home.

Lots of holiday activities abound, and we will be heading out to them with my sister in law, brother and mom when she joins us in NC on the 12th of December.

Do you wear metallics during the Holidays? What are you favorites to wear?


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  • Shelbee on the Edge
    Posted at 05:33h, 08 December Reply

    You are absolutely stunning, my friend! These metallics and neutrals look amazing on you. The colors are so good with your complexion and hair. Just beautiful! Wishing you a very happy holiday season!


  • Emma Peach
    Posted at 12:45h, 07 December Reply

    Absolutely gorgeous outfit! And your hair looks amazing! I prefer gold tones too, it’s more flattering on my skin tone.

    Emma xxx

  • Neti
    Posted at 09:53h, 06 December Reply

    Love this look Jess. And. your HAIR is Spectacular . . .
    Happy December

  • Midlife and Beyond
    Posted at 08:46h, 06 December Reply

    What a stunning look Jess. I wear both silver and gold, though at the moment I’m letting the grey come through at the front of my hair, it’s just an experiment, Not sure if I’m brave enough to go the whole hog, haha! I am finding the grey goes with cooler colours. Enjoy the rest of your week and thank you for the link up.
    P S
    Your Christmas decorations sound beautiful

  • Kellyann Rohr
    Posted at 06:48h, 06 December Reply

    I love both silver and gold! Just depends on the piece I guess. You look stunning Jess!

  • Laura Bambrick
    Posted at 23:29h, 05 December Reply

    What a beautiful, elegant combination! You look absolutely fantastic!

  • Nancy
    Posted at 13:54h, 05 December Reply

    Oh I’m a gold(en) girl for sure. And copper is a warm colour that I love also.. Fabulous outfit, great skirt.

  • Di
    Posted at 11:56h, 05 December Reply

    Not to take away from the beautiful outfit, but oh my gosh-your hair looks fantastic! Love the copper metallic top, it is perfect with your coloring. I wear both gold and silver jewelry. Silver because it blends well and gold for a little warm up of my cool tone coloring. Sounds like you have lots of fun events to attend over the holidays-enjoy!

  • Gail
    Posted at 11:29h, 05 December Reply

    Stunning look Jess! I’m in team gold, and have got a fabulous new faux leather skirt in gold ready for the festive season. Have a great week xx

  • Pamela
    Posted at 10:13h, 05 December Reply

    Ultra glam Jess, stunning outfit!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:42h, 05 December Reply

      Thank you Pam! I just love these warm metallics!

  • mireille
    Posted at 09:54h, 05 December Reply

    That copper color is really really pretty! It looks lovely with the cream.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:43h, 05 December Reply

      Thank you Mireille, it was a great thrifted buy. Tags still on! 🙂

  • Dawn W
    Posted at 09:47h, 05 December Reply

    You look FABULOUS! Reall love how you styled this outfit!

    I wear warm tones but lots of jewel tones as a Bright Spring natural redhead. Silver, Gunmetal and Copper are my favorites as I don’t care for Gold as much, but will wear Gold if I find a particular piece I like. I love mixed metals too. My go to for winter are my sliver Doc Maartens that I wear with skirts, dresses or pants.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:45h, 05 December Reply

      Thank you Dawn!
      Jewel tones are great for redheads! I can see why you prefer silvers and other metallics if you are a bright Spring. I gravitate towards gold because of my Autumn coloring. Love the sound of silver Doc Martens! I have some chunky combat boots I love to wear with dresses. Thanks for your comment!

  • jodie
    Posted at 08:33h, 05 December Reply

    This combination is spectacular Jess.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:46h, 05 December Reply

      Thank you Jodie! I do love this coppery shade and have ordered a few gold pieces coming this week.

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