Cinnamon Bun - Elegantly Dressed and Stylish
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Cinnamon Bun



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Sorry to disappoint, we are talking about hair here, not pastries!

I realize that the actual manufacturing of these buns for your hair, probably is about 5 cents. However, they are priceless, when one wants to roll out of bed, and put your hair up in a nice classic bun , without much effort. It looks neat, and I dress it up by inserting a hair accessory either in the back to hold the bun more in place, or in the front, to show of some jewels, for example. I have purchased some from 1928, and others I found on Etsy, but the idea was, to put little effort in, but make it look like you spent time on your hair. It also just changes the hair up a bit. I like to leave some bang in the front, and curl it to the right I do like the last photo as it is a lower bun, and a little more casual, so it just depends on what look you are going for. The top bun I created is not very hard to do, and it can look elegant, just use some hairspray and enough bobby pins to keep in place. I also like to dress up the bun with a headband at times, and found this gold Grecian looking band with the leaves on Etsy. .

I initially bought 2 small ones, but found with the amount of hair I have, that the larger one was best. I did, find one day, my little boy, Gibby, had it in his mouth like one of his chew toys, and next thing I knew it was torn apart. Needless to say, I went into a store, and told them that my “dog literally ate my homework!”, and bought a new one I keep out of sight  I will be one of those older ladies in her 70s and 80s that continues to have long hair, but wear it in a classic chignon, or elegant bun. This style is very easy to do/ You can dress it up with hair accessories like these ( my vintage peacock: Etsy), and my green jeweled clip ( Asos) If you would like to know how to create this bun, leave a comment, and I will explain. It’s easy!

If you have longer hair, how do you wear it in the summer, when it gets quite hot? What is your style?

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