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Fall Textures





Happy Wednesday!

Hello Ladies,

This week has been somewhat challenging with my health. I am trying to see that this may improve, so in the meantime, my husband and I took some shots by the Lake.







It was just as sunny as it appears here. Only over the next day or two might it cool down for a bit. To quote famous author, Charles Dickens, in a Tale of Two Cities ” It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Just letting you all know I am having some health problems recently, and I am doing my best with the blog. Just had to see several docs this week. I won’t go into that tale.

I so look forward to fall every year, and love the large magazines when they come out with their super monstrosities of a fall magazine, but I enjoy the colors the textures, the designs, the fabric. Well, since it is not quite fall here, I added my transitional piece, the leather blazer, to a mustrard top that caught my eye with the detailing around the neckline. I wore yet another pair of new shoes, as having seen dozens of leopard print heels on the blogs, I knew I had to have a pair in the wardrobe. These are kitten heels mind you, and I think I need to let people know that a kitten heel is usually 3/41.5 inches at most. I saw listings for kitten heels, where I want to see that kitten! 3 inches high, I think not! Anyhow, the texture of the top,skirt, the shoes and my LV bag in different pattern, I hope shows my interest in the upcoming fall colors and textures .

Have a great day

Jess xo

Shoes: Ebay, Skirt Loft ( old), Top Loft ( older), Necklace 1928.com, LV Bag, ( louisvuitton.com)



  • Stephanae V. McCoy
    Posted at 18:40h, 06 October Reply

    Found them 🙂 you know I’m talking about the shoes. Love them. Yes, I’ve been seeing a lot of leopard print in many pieces and I do have one pair of flats but I’m thinking I could use at least one more pair.

    I hope you’re feeling better, it’s tough dealing with chronic illness and you are such a positive role model for the rest of us. I hope your testing went okay.

    You’ve done a marvelous job with mixing different textures and the colors blend so nicely. Beautiful!!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 08:12h, 07 October Reply

      Thanks alot Steph, I hope you are doing well. I had a tough time for 2 weeks and had a test done yesterday at the hospital, results tomorrow. I appreciate such kind words. Isn’t there a saying , ” a woman can not have too many leopard print shoes… ot is it just shoes?” Glad you like the outfit.

  • Reasons to Dress (@reasonstodress)
    Posted at 10:33h, 30 September Reply

    Dear Jess,
    I really hope you feel better and that your appointments all go well. If it makes you feel any better you look fabulous in this outfit! Thank you so much for linking up last week, the #reasonstodress linkup is now live and I would LOVE to have you join me again. As usual you have fab style.

    Even if you can’t make it I will still try to tweet out your new looks!

    All the best,
    Angie from reasons to dress

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 11:06h, 30 September Reply

      Thanks Angie! You are such a sweetheart! I have a few more appoitnments this week and next, but I am getting better. Glad you like the outfit, I loved this skirt from the get go! Thanks so much. Have a wonderful week, jess xo

  • elb743
    Posted at 11:23h, 28 September Reply

    jess, lvoe the lovely colors and textures perfect for all. The bustard is suprisingly pretty on you and the tones and styles are rich and very Jess like.
    I am so sorry about your health…please feel free to share directly,
    in the meantime, I am sending kudos for this gorgeous outfit, and healing hugs!
    xx, Elle

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 14:50h, 28 September Reply

      Thanks so much Elle, Glad you like it! I may just send you an email, if dont mind listening. I appreciate the well wishes. jess xo

  • Amber
    Posted at 23:37h, 27 September Reply

    What a great combination of fall prints and textures! I’m loving those kitten heels – so pretty!


    I hope you are having a great weekend!


  • Dawn Lucy
    Posted at 08:44h, 27 September Reply

    Gorgeous! Meow!
    Dawn Lucy

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 11:02h, 27 September Reply

      Thanks Dawn! Have a great weekend, jess xo

  • Lady of Style
    Posted at 07:07h, 27 September Reply

    Beautiful, Jess! That is such a classy colour combination and the look really matches your blogname. Love it!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  • Cheresa
    Posted at 22:25h, 25 September Reply

    Love the color combination of the outfit, and the skirt is very lovely on you!


  • Che
    Posted at 14:46h, 25 September Reply

    My favorite fall colors are brown and rust. As usual you look gorgeous and get well soon, Jess!


  • Willfully Elegant
    Posted at 13:53h, 25 September Reply

    LOVE this look!! So chic with lace and leather! You are rocking it..

  • Monica Roese (GlamVolution)
    Posted at 12:11h, 25 September Reply

    You know I LOVE that bag! Hope you feel better soon!

  • Monique
    Posted at 10:36h, 25 September Reply

    Fabulous look dear! I especially love how you topped it off with some leopard!
    Cheers, Monique
    Casually Chic by Monique
    Find me on: bloglovin’ & facebook

  • Johanna
    Posted at 09:31h, 25 September Reply

    That skirt is so pretty. I love the textures and the colors you paired it with.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:33h, 25 September Reply

      Thank you Johanna, Gld you like it! jess xo

  • Ashley
    Posted at 07:54h, 25 September Reply

    Digging the gorgeous LV, babe!


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:32h, 25 September Reply

      Thank you Ashley, you know I like bags, ( except if they are under your eyes) jess xx

  • Boho Chic Cafe
    Posted at 07:32h, 25 September Reply

    What lovely shoes! Hope you feel better soon! x


  • Monika
    Posted at 06:54h, 25 September Reply

    Dera Jess,
    so sorry to hear that you don´t fell good at the moment. Hope it will be better soon. Your styling is fantastic, the textures are very well mixed and I absolutely adore these cute shoes.
    Take care

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:31h, 25 September Reply

      Thanks Monika, I love the leopard shoes, glad you like the styling! I appreciate the well wishes, jess xx

  • collected by Katja
    Posted at 05:13h, 25 September Reply

    Such an amazing autumnal look! Love the way you’ve mixed different shades of brown, patterns and materials! Perfect look both for office and leisure. – Kisses from Vienna,



  • Happiness at Mid Life
    Posted at 01:26h, 25 September Reply

    Loving all the textures in this outfit! You have the most gorgeous handbag collection. I hope the doctors can figure out what’s going on and take care of you. Take care of yourself and we will be here when you feel better.

    BTW, I hope to see you at TBT Fashion link up tomorrow.


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:30h, 25 September Reply

      THank you Alice, I have a chronic illness,, but may need a CT to see what is going on. Glad you like my outfit and purse ) jess xx

  • Shannon
    Posted at 23:17h, 24 September Reply

    Definitely love all the textures going on but I really love how you kept it all in neutrals to being it all together! So pretty!

    <3 Shannon

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:29h, 25 September Reply

      Thanks Shannon! I try. Glad you like it this is one of my fav skirts to style. jess xx

  • thriftanistasocialclub
    Posted at 22:11h, 24 September Reply

    Very pretty! I’ve the fallish color combo. Great shoes. Can’t go wrong with leopard print!

  • Laura
    Posted at 21:34h, 24 September Reply

    What a pretty skirt! It’s so cute with those leopard shoes!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:29h, 25 September Reply

      Thanks Laura, yes I was excited about the shoes, jess xx

  • Monica
    Posted at 20:41h, 24 September Reply

    love those shoes and that skirt and that you’re a fellow checkered gal 🙂

  • Spashionista
    Posted at 17:32h, 24 September Reply

    Pattern mixing liked a pro! I love this outfit with all the different textures and patterns. It’s timeless and feminine and classy.
    (By the way, if you ever need to vent about your limitations we can commiserate together)


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 17:38h, 24 September Reply

      Thanks Alicia, glad you like my outfit!! Well, I am having GI issues, have had since I was 20, so I go in for more testing on the 6th. THanks for your thoughtfulness, and I would certainly consider. xo jess

  • Marta
    Posted at 15:07h, 24 September Reply

    Hope you feel better! These colours are great on you & love the leopard flats!!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 17:36h, 24 September Reply

      Thank you! Glad you like the shoes too! jess xx

  • sabrina t.
    Posted at 14:41h, 24 September Reply

    such a great autumn look! love the lace skirt!

    Patchwork à Porter

  • Jacket Society
    Posted at 14:20h, 24 September Reply

    I am so sorry to hear you are not feeling well 🙁 I do hope you start feeling better soon. You look amazing in this outfit though…I love mixing the leather jacket with the lace skirt. And I love your leopard flats! Fell better 🙂

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 14:25h, 24 September Reply

      Thanks so much Nora! They are a little kitten heel which is a major step for me! 6 yrs ago before Ehlers Danlos, I was wearing sweat pants and sneakers all the time. I have made progress, but am having some systemic issues now .I appreciate your thoughts. Glad you like the outfit! jess xo

  • ADA
    Posted at 13:08h, 24 September Reply

    What a gorgeous Fall Look. The lace skirt is very pretty and I love the leather blazer. I own a similar real leather navy blazer by Banana Republic. =)

    Happy Hump Day Jess!!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 14:00h, 24 September Reply

      Thanks yes this is real leather and I also have some faux ones. Glad you like the look! jess xx

  • KizzyDoll
    Posted at 12:57h, 24 September Reply

    So beautiful, feel better soon doll xx

  • Natalie 'n Katie
    Posted at 10:45h, 24 September Reply

    Great look! Love your skirt and flats. So chic! xo – Katie – girlsandcity.blogspot.com

  • Suzanne Carillo
    Posted at 10:41h, 24 September Reply

    So sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well. Hope you start to feel better soon. You still look lovely! So that counts for something right? : )


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:48h, 24 September Reply

      Thanks Suzanne! Yes, I hope to get back on my feet soon. xx jess

  • Sabina “OceanblueStyle” B
    Posted at 09:36h, 24 September Reply

    Jess, hope you feel better!!! And you know I got a leather blazer just like you and have been thinking of getting rid of it. Now you made me think again…just needed some inspiration. And that texture contrast you are talking about is so stylish on you and suits you prefectly. Its gotten quite chilly over here in Germany. xo Sabina @Oceanblue Style

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:30h, 24 September Reply

      Hi Sabina, it is only now getting chilly here in the South. Thanks so much, this illness can wear me down! Thank you regarding the inspiration. I have a fair amount of leather jackets as we dont need many wool coats. Glad you like the outfit!
      Have a wonderful day! jess xo

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