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Flowers and Fur

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Let me begin by saying, this is faux fur, as I am a fan of this trend, before it was a trend. My husband and I took our  morning, which usually leads into afternoon due to my joints and muscles not cooperating, and make our way to Bonefish Grill  They have the most delicious eggs benedict with smoked ham and thick bread. I almost always get my bubbly peach bellini. I also love the seafood, which many times features fish I am not familiar with, one called the Dory fish, which I couldn’t bring myself to eat, as my 3 year old niece loves Dory. The girls there know us, as you know how one most often drives within 15-20 mile radius of their house to find the ” hot spots”.

After a delicious meal we walked around the shopping square, took some photos, and I found a lovely pair of vintage looking sparkly earrings from our Jewel Box for 5 bucks~  A taupe pair with some clear stones to add bling. .Still a chill in the air in Lake Norman, but the fact that we can still eat outside is something, I wouldn’t be doing it in my hometown of Pittsburgh.

Cardigan: Loft, old, Skirt : LOft, similar, Boots: Keen Bern, 1928 jewerly, faux fur on Ebay, similair, and brooch( Etsy, similar). Rebecca Minkoff wine hobo, similar


  • Annette
    Posted at 14:54h, 13 February Reply

    So glad you left a comment on my blog today, Jess, this is how I found yours. I am very happy to meet another 40+ blogger who loves dresses and skirts. I read your story, you are amazing and I respect you for not giving in but taking on the “style challenge”. You look fabulous and I love your hair.
    Besides dresses, I also love Bellinis and Tempranillo, Shiraz and Pinotage wines… However, currently I am on a kind of a detox diet – 4th week without any alcohol!
    I will surely visit again.
    Enjoy Valentine’s Day!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  • Matt
    Posted at 11:03h, 12 February Reply

    It became a trend when you started wearing it!!! Looks good and perfect for the days where it is not too cold, but not warm either!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 15:05h, 12 February Reply

      Aww. That is so nice of you to say! I do not see me as a trend setter, but put together styles I like. Thank you!

  • Iva
    Posted at 23:21h, 11 February Reply

    Hi Jess!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and happy I found yours. Love that you’re a ginger, your hair is just beautiful. You’re an inspiration and I can’t wait to see what else you’ll come up with.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 15:04h, 12 February Reply

      Thank you Iva! That is lovely of you to say. Another tall girl, you rock! I appreciate the comment about my hair. I try and keep it healthy, and may do a hair care post somewhere down the line. I enjoy your style, so classy!

  • Jess Jannenga
    Posted at 12:24h, 11 February Reply

    Thank you! The sweater really looked vintage when I bought it, and I loved the color scheme. I suppose just by these postings you can tell I like the color burgandy. 🙂

  • Roy
    Posted at 12:20h, 11 February Reply

    I like the boots and the vintage look with the fur and rose cardigan.

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