Orange Plaid Dress - Elegantly Dressed and Stylish
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Orange Plaid Dress



Hi Ladies!
Something about sundresses I love. Perhaps it is the almost ready-made outfit one has when wearing.






I put on the sundress, add earrings and some cute shoes, and viola! an outfit. It is also the comfort factor. I used to be a marathon watcher of Stacy and Clinton’s or Trudy and show What Not to Wear. I know the word “comfort” was almost a four letter word in their book. As if “comfort” has to be equated with sloppy! Well, I am telling you, and I am sure you know that it doesn’t have to be.. I feel comfortable, and put together. I used to go into Loft and buy a sundress every year. The hat I kind of bought on a whim as it goes with my bathing suit.

This was one I bought about four years ago, and I still like the style and colors. The colors are what first attracted me to it, and the style. I don’t have many plaids in my wardrobe, but this was a style I really liked so I went with it. I just love the mixture of oranges, yellows, tans, olive. This kind of dress is great for a summer picnic, and outdoor concert, or just to wear as an everyday dress. And yes, it is comfortable, as I believe our clothes should be!!

Have a great day!
Jess xo

Dress: Loft:( Many moons ago), Sandals: Clark Artisians ( similar and on sale), Hat: ( My Habit: sold out, ), Earrings: ( with set at Charming Charlie) Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

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  • Nikki Crews
    Posted at 17:49h, 05 July Reply

    What a cute, fun dress! I love the pattern. It looks perfect for a picnic or lunch + cocktails on an outside patio on a sunny summer day. And you’re right, it looks very comfortable but not at all sloppy. Stacy and Clinton would be proud!

    NCsquared Life

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 18:11h, 05 July Reply

      Thanks so much Nikki, I meant to tell you I love the name of your blog. I am a Southern Blogger too, being in Lake Norman, North of Charlotte. Glad you like the dress, bought it years ago, but still love to wear the sundress:-) Have a great weekend. jess xx

  • Jessica L.
    Posted at 09:53h, 04 July Reply

    I used to constantly watch that show too!! 🙂 While I absolutely loved it, I couldn’t imagine life without more casual outfits like this one. It’s always fun to pair a hat and great bag with a casual look too to give it even more personality.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:30h, 04 July Reply

      Thank you! Yes it is a fun show, but I couldn[t wear those womens 5 inch heels like she wants them to, and LA dating would be a challenge! Thanks and I am glad you like the look. have a great weekend jessxx

  • Stephanae V. McCoy
    Posted at 22:06h, 03 July Reply

    Hey Jess, I’m lovin’ that dress with the hat!

  • Ashley
    Posted at 11:50h, 03 July Reply

    A good sundress can last years and years! I love ’em, too. 🙂


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:21h, 03 July Reply

      Thanks absolutely, glad you stopped by, Have a great weekend. jess xx

  • ADA
    Posted at 11:19h, 03 July Reply

    Your plaid dress is so pretty. I love it very much and the floppy hat looks awesome on you – wear them more often. The dress pairs well with the cognac leather accessories.

    Welcome by to see my new dresses this week. Thank you and Happy Holiday Weekend!! Ada. =)

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:20h, 03 July Reply

      Thank you Ada, I appreciate the lovely comments. Glad you like the hat and my other accessories. Have a great weeked. jess xx

  • Che
    Posted at 09:41h, 03 July Reply

    Your plaid sundress is gorgeous! I have a soft spot for anything plaid and so just by looking at your dress made my heart jump. It looks comfy too. 😉

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:05h, 03 July Reply

      Thanks Che!! I do have some plaids in my wardrobe, and the colors attracted me. Have a great week, jess xx

  • gabby
    Posted at 09:25h, 03 July Reply

    i agree, you can definitely be comfortable and still look nice! i love your bag — it ties the whole look together!


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:04h, 03 July Reply

      Thank you! I am a bag girl! Rebecca Minkoff is a favorite of mine. Stop by again, and have a nice weekend
      jess xx

  • Monika
    Posted at 07:59h, 03 July Reply

    Hi Jess,
    what a lovely summer outfit. Looks like a very hot day you had. Hat, shoes and -of course- bag in the matching colours are very pretty.
    Take care, dear Jess

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 08:16h, 03 July Reply

      Thank you Monika, yes actually my hubby and I discussed possibly going to the mountains for a few months next year, as our summers can be very hot! Glad you like the outfit!! Have a great weekend. jess xx

  • Madaline
    Posted at 04:55h, 03 July Reply

    I adore a sundress too!!! It’s SO easy to throw on and it always comes out looking cute and chic!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 08:14h, 03 July Reply

      Totally agree! Thank you! Have a great weekend Madaline jessxx

  • Annette
    Posted at 04:52h, 03 July Reply

    Perfect for a hot and sunny day, Jess! And the hat suits you so well!

    Annette | Lady of Style

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 08:14h, 03 July Reply

      Thank you Annette! It is still that, hot hot hot. Glad you like the hat! 🙂 Have a great weekend jess xx

  • Darcy
    Posted at 21:22h, 02 July Reply

    So great! I love this hat!!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 08:13h, 03 July Reply

      Thank you Darcy! Glad you like the outfit, I got the hat to go with my bathing suit and it worked out with outfits as well. Have a great weekend jess

  • Olia Majd
    Posted at 21:14h, 02 July Reply

    So pretty! would love if you’d stop by my blog at I think you’d like!!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 08:12h, 03 July Reply

      Thank you Olia! Will do 🙂 Enjoy your weekend, jess

  • Jacket Society
    Posted at 20:19h, 02 July Reply

    This is a greast sundress and it is my favorite colors. I also love the hat! You look fab…

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 08:10h, 03 July Reply

      Thanks Nora!! Aren’t sundresses great! I appreciate you stopping by. Have a great weekend! jess xx

  • Suzanne Carillo
    Posted at 16:49h, 02 July Reply

    I love the colour of the plaid in this dress. Perfect with your hair.


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 17:08h, 02 July Reply

      Thanks Suzanne! I feel like a tree in Florida, orange is growing on me! Have a great day! jess xx

  • marie
    Posted at 14:40h, 02 July Reply

    Very pretty, lovely little detail shot for those earrings~

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 14:46h, 02 July Reply

      Thank you! Glad you liked it! Have a great week jessxx

  • Jennie
    Posted at 13:47h, 02 July Reply

    This looks great o you, Jess! Love the orange plaid and how you accessorized. That floppy hat looks wonderful with this!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 13:48h, 02 July Reply

      Thank you Jennie! I am not used to wearing thise kind of hats, but they looked great on others Glad you liked the dress. Have a great day jess xx

  • Laura
    Posted at 12:25h, 02 July Reply

    I love the printed hat and dress together! I really like summer plaids and you are rocking this one!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:31h, 02 July Reply

      Thanks so much Laura! Have a great day, jess xx

  • aasolheid
    Posted at 12:12h, 02 July Reply

    Love sundresses. Great color and I have a crazy obsession with hats! Love that one.


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:31h, 02 July Reply

      Thank you !! Glad you like it, stop by anytime, jess xx

  • Vanessa (@withgreatheart)
    Posted at 08:14h, 02 July Reply

    I have a weakness for sun dresses too! You look lovely! xo

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 08:25h, 02 July Reply

      Thanks so much! First time I wore a floppy hat! Have a great week! Jess xx

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