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Fashion, Link Up / 03.07.2018

 Hello friends,I realize tomorrow is the 4th of July. For a subtle look for 4th of July see yesterday's post.  I've also included some links to former year's 4th of July outfits. Happy 4th friends!  I am wearing stripes ;-)  We tend to stay home and  sit on our deck, keeping Truffles and Gibson company, as my girl is very afraid of Fireworks. Mom and I were reminiscing  about how the loud booms! at Dormont's Fireworks display,( in Pittsburgh)  when I was little would make me cry! We will just sit out on the porch, with the pups, glass of beer or wine and may see some behind the trees, cuddling Truffles as much as we can, as she shakes. I think most pups are afraid of Fireworks!I am not sure how you feel, but I love to find companies that have unique or handcrafted products. When Bellorita reached out to me, I was captivated by the hand carved and painted drawings on their home page. I browsed, looking at each design of the purses and clutches they sold, finally deciding on a koi fish with bubbles represented by interspersed white pearls on the bag.