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Beauty, Fashion / 06.10.2017

happy Friday ladies!You know I like to delve into some midlife topics about this time, however, today I am talking Fall trends.  Embroidery has been a trend popular since this past Spring, even though i remember a pair of jeans i wore as a middle schooler with embroidered flowers on them.  i suppose i have been on a bootie "kick" ( pun intended) recently, so I'll be sharing booties with these 3 fabrics.
Fashion / 07.12.2015

Hello Ladies, I hope you all had a nice weekend!This month is going fast, as it usually does with anticipation of the Christmas Holiday. I always start thinking about the traditions we used to celebrate this time of year. One of my favorite was going  Downtown ( Dahntahn  if you are from Pittsburgh) to see the magical Christmas window displays at Kaufmann's Department Storethat were so enchanting to me as a kid! I miss them though now. I loved seeing the scenes of the holidays in each window in which we would stare for what seemed like hours. Hot cocoa and...