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Fashion / 28.09.2018

 Morning friendsFirst, this post WAS to be a post on this Tuesday's, Turning Heads Tuesday, however, a blog crisis has now been lifted, and I thought to post it today.If you have been reading the blog for a bit, tell me... "What is  my favorite shoe company that combines comfort and fashion with memory foam footbeds? Answer: JAMBU!Well, it's that time of year. Have you bought your Fall boots yet? Adding a few pairs to what you have? What is it about boots and booties that we can't resist? I think it is the "cool factor". Maybe if someone were to have told me that in high school... my room would have been overflowing with boots right now! Something about the edginess of boots with feminine looks also attracts me. Today, I'm continuing my role as a Jambu Brand Ambassador, and will be sharing different Fall boots and booties looks throughout the season. The shootie/bootie, i'm sharing with you today is called the Miranda. A beautiful leather bootie with  an "old world feel"  looks like an upgraded leather oxford with a lot more fun. At the end of the post there is a 20% discount with CODE. 
Fashion / 18.12.2017

 Good Morning Ladies.One more week. I know, before you know it , it comes and goes. I am looking forward to the break, however I do wish I could be like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and click my heels together three times to get "home'.... my "home' for Christmas celebrations that is! Friday we drive to my brother's place in Virginia, taking 6 hours to get there. The next day will be just 3, so it's not too bad. Speaking of heels, I want to introduce you to a brand, Adrian  Allen Shoes. Not only are they beautiful, but comfort and style is what differentiates them from others.
Fashion, Link Up / 26.09.2017

Hello Ladies,It's getting to be that time of year. The time we all go "Ga-Ga" over the new selection of boots, booties and footwear for the Fall season.  You read about how thrilled i was to be able to wear the rich suede style of the Jambu's Canary, with its ankle strap and platform cushioned shoe. Now, I want to share with you another of Jambu's Fall New Arrivals  the Anita boot. I truly enjoy collaborating with Jambu,i do want to point out, that Jambu is offering my reader's 20% off full priced items using code STYLISH17.
Fashion, Link Up / 07.03.2017

Hi friends!First, I want to thank you all for the well wishes, it means a lot. I have been faring better this week. We went to see "Hidden Figures" and I thought it was fantastic what the women were able to accomplish. I got all teary eyed. When I'm not going out, what keeps me entertained? Well, playing with my pups of course! We played Pillow Ball and Ball in the Blanket. Pillow Ball is when I hide a squeaky ball in between a stack of 4 pillows to be sniffed out, and B N B is kind of self explanatory. They do make me laugh!!Now, I know you must be thinking, "Is there something in Jess' water?"She's wearing jeans 2 weeks in a row! Well, I am still a skirts and dress girl, but love to try jeans every now and then, and boyfriend jeans are my favorite. Im hoping to style some more casual looks on the blog soon.  But let's talk about stylish, comfy shoes for Spring!...