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Uncategorized / 06.03.2014

This is second in a series, displaying the lovely, distinct, and well-made readers, from readers.com. I chose this pair, the zebra, ย called, The Dolly, for several reasons. First, again, I wanted a print and liked the shape. Again, the glasses are a part of the Make a Statement Collection, and also display the diversity of the frames. They too, have a cat-eye shape but more subtle. They are great to pair with nearly most outfits, but I wanted to do a bold color of the deep red with black, to show the black and white glasses. You could do a...

Uncategorized / 03.03.2014

 Today was sunny and we decided to head out by the lake for pictures. I noticed this tree, and thought it was a great place for pictures. The first thought, however, was not to just look at the tree and think of it as a good place for shots, but rather " boy, I would love to climb that! " I am more of a tomboy, or have been as my husband and I met at a rock climbing class when I lived in Pittsburgh, PA. I thought, "I better get to know this guy if he is going to...