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Fashion / 14.01.2022

 Hello friends and Happy Friday!Last year, I had my first reader's survey and I wanted to continue it this year as well. In order to provide you with the topics in which you are interested, please fill it out.Have you thought about what you love about being older or is it nothing but trying to achieve youthfulness? I think it truly is a time when you "find your true self."Midlife women and OlderThere has been more midlife + models shown on various fashion retailers' sites, such as Mango and Zara .Think about the older models such as Lauren Hutton, who...

Uncategorized / 02.07.2015

Time is on my side... Time is on my side.Yes, it is?! Well, I  certainly hope soLadies, I was about to go there. The Rolling Stones can't be beat with that song, and it is aprapo is it not? However, I decided in my review today of the JORD wooden watch to show you how I spend some of my time. First, these beautiful wooden watches have been admired by many bloggers and showcased as well for their gorgeous unique wood craftmanship . I thought first I would share with you pictures of the KOA wood and Rose Gold watch, the Cora collection, I chose from #JORD.IMG_7596Love the #wooden box it came in! Gorgeous detailing right from the start!
Uncategorized / 05.05.2015

IMG_7164Welcome Ladies!Hope your day is going well, and I just couldn't help but create a look based on one of the biggest color trends of the season: #blush!Typically, I am not necessarily a trend follower. I keep up with trends as you know, but it has to be something I really like. I think I would never tire of this romantic pink shade.Join in this week on our LINKUP and remember to visit each other's blogs for fun and inspiration