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Fashion, Link Up / 31.07.2018

 Good Morning friends!I recently went to a fun, fashion and media event in Charlotte, hosted by Charlotte Seen. This event was a precursor to Charlotte's Fashion Week in the Fall. As a media event, I went to enjoy a summer fashion show, write about it, as well as meet some of the ladies from the "Faces of Silver"campaign, and book by  world known photographer Ben Winkler. 
Fashion / 18.09.2015

 IMG_9122IMG_9049For someone with EDS, I did alot of walking. For someone WITHOUT it, I did alot of walking. Jersey City and New York are not that conducive to wearing heels and walking blocks. What is a girl to do? I am not living in the early 90s where I can wear my sneakers with my dress and change. right? Just doesn't look right, and I know someone either said, " One has to suffer for beauty", or something along those lines. Hmmmm. Well, , I wanted to share with you the view from my brother's place and some of the sights I took in while I was there.