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Fashion / 11.06.2018

 MorningWell, a great time was had at the Journey/Def Leppard concert! I wrote about it and will feature what i wore and more about the concert in my post for Turning Heads Tuesday tomorrow. It was one of the most fun evenings I have had in awhile! So amazing! I had so much fun, I danced most of the night and needed Sunday to recoup! :-)Today I am "shopping my closet". As tempting as it is, especially as a fashion blogger to buy what's new, I have some "older" favorites in my closet, waiting to be worn.Its been awhile on the blog that I wore a skirt, other than my jean skirt. i enjoy a pretty skirt, but I am more apt to wear dresses in the summer. I did decide however, to pair this yellow mesh, flouncy top with my pink and chartreuse, yellow pencil skirt from Ann Taylor.
Fashion / 13.02.2017

 Hello Friends,I hope your weekend was a good one ! It always goes by rather quickly to me, and I have been having a few challenging days with my health. I am presently titrating off a medication  but I am experiencing some of the side effects of doing so, along with extra pain. I think my muscle aches were having muscle aches!  So, when I try to be productive and work on the blog, my body is saying, "No, you need to rest!" I know I need to listen and do just that, so I was lucky I took this pic for the blog on Saturday! Let's talk about this look and color palette;.