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Fashion, Link Up / 05.01.2021

 Womens joggersSo glad we kicked 2020 to the curb! Hoping for better days ahead in 2021.You know the saying, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!". Well, it seems the puppies felt that way in their loungewear today!I'm styling my Lou & Grey joggers in a casual but put together way with my 2 best friends today.Since we are all wearing joggers, loungewear and the like around the house these days, the pups decided to get in on the action :-)
Fashion, Link Up / 22.01.2019

Good Morning Ladies! I was so thrilled to be able to go to the Influencers of Midlife Conference over the weekend, and I will be getting that post together soon. So, stay tuned! However, one of those wonderful ladies I met was Jessica, my contact through Soft Surroundings, and it was wonderful to talk and meet her in person and on a personal level. So, as a bit of a segway, I am wearing a very ultra soft grey toned leopard jacket, the Pasha Coat, from Soft Surroundings today, along with a beautiful, unique blue-grey leaf statement necklace also from the company.
Fashion / 05.12.2016

img_5632hello friends!Is this time of year going fast? I always feel like I have to scramble to get it all done! Anyway, gifts are bought, and I look forward to seeing my family at Christmas. ( plus the 4 pups we will have there) I shared my Karina dress with faux fur Holiday look last week, my Going to a Holiday show attire will be Friday  and now want to share another Holiday dress I will probably wear on Christmas Day.