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Personal / 20.12.2019

Hello friends,As you are reading this, I am in bed, recovering from 2 dry needling session this week I typically go once every other week. . My body decided to revolt recently and it seemed all my muscle groups in the upper and lower body were begging for attention.  I went several times because I wanted to feel better on our trip to PA, Sunday.
Fashion / 25.12.2016

Dear friendsI would love to wish all of my Readers and blogging friends a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year! I am currently at my mom's house, celebrating with my brothers Matt and Tim, their wives and dogs. Nothing like a full house. Pedro, Jack, Gibson and Truffles will be receiving some toys and treats from SantaPaws.  They each have a stocking with raw hides, biscuits and toys. ( I have to spoil!) My sister and neice have probably opened gifts early this morning, in Charlotte.Christmas Eve I will be wearing my Zara green velvet dress, and Christmas Day...

Fashion / 21.12.2015

Hello my lovely readers and friendsI want to wish you a beautiful and meaningful Christmas with your family and friends. May you have a Blessed Holiday!Elegantly dressed and Stylish is taking this week of Christmas off and I will be back with posts on Dec 28th, Monday. I am looking to relax, spend time with friends, family, my puppies and appreciate the Season.and from my pups Gibby and Truffles to yours. ( I promise I will have pics of them in their Santa Suits soon)There are just so many things I think of and memories I hold dear with Christmas....

Uncategorized / 25.12.2014

Hello Lovely ladiesI just wanted to take this time to say I am very grateful for meeting you all, and I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday, and also to a Healthful New Year. It is hard to believe it will soon be 2015!Enjoy the time with friends and family and I am thankful for the blessings I do have.  So, stay cozy, warm, drink hot cocoa or Gingerbread Lattes, lots of chocolate, and enjoy the season!!I have fun memories of this time of year, looking at the Christmas animated windows downtown, that sense of wonder as...