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Uncategorized / 27.06.2014

Hello Ladies!You all know we have that silly streak in us? I promise you, no children were hurt in the taking of these photos!! I should also put out there was no one there, as I didn't want to take up a poor little girl or boy's time on the playground!!!  Perhaps it is just me, but do you ever have an urge to just get on the swing set and just swing away! The handmade wooden swing my sister in law used to have at her house was the first thing I gravitated toward! Yes, I realize, I am...

Uncategorized / 02.05.2014

 Today was a dog lovers dream day. I know my one pup, Gibson, looks forward to it. Truffles on the other hand, enjoys it, but gets a little apprehensive. I am talking about an event in the Lake Norman area, called Bark in the Park. So many dogs, so little time. My husband tells me, I am like a kid, where I go up to strangers and ask if I can pet their dog. Well, I think it only polite It is a day where there are contests: Cutest Dog, Look-alike with their owner contest ( we could have participated...