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Fashion / 27.08.2018

 Morning FriendsIt was one of those  semi-relaxing weekends along with errands and blog work. We visited our favorite wine bar, The Cottage, where the pups are more than welcome - and the "fur"-niture is equally dog friendly. We began going to The Cottage years ago, as it is beside one of our favorite restaurants on the Lake, North Harbour Club. We popped in on a whim one afternoon, looking for a cute place to sit and have just a glass of wine and enjoy the view of the harbour and various boats.The staff is so welcoming, we now tell the pups we are going to Grandma Trudys or to see Aunt Theresa.  What? You don't talk to your dogs? :-)  Regardless, it was a beautiful, cool night, with temps in the 70s and low humidity, and I would wear a very casual striped midi dress I bought from Target about 3 years ago.
Fashion, Link Up / 23.01.2018

Happy Tuesday!Yes, we did end up with a Winter Wonderland last week when hubby took these pics. I am not a cold weather person when it comes to taking pics, but couldn't help but want to get photos surrounded by snow. Usually in Charlotte, when they predict snow of 4+ inches, everyone rushes out for bread, milk and toilet paper, and we get a dusting. This time, they were spot on!  The photos are a tad dark, but it was the best I could do in this weather. I decided to do some pattern mixing on the blog today, with 3 patterns mixed, including my new brocade booties. I have also included at the bottom of the post some other posts Ive done with pattern mixing.
Fashion / 19.12.2016

 img_5795Hello FriendsI hope you had a great weekend and are getting into the Spirit of Christmas even more.   We took family photos and as I wrote on Facebook, I had to laugh at something that was said during the photoshoot. The pups were in their Santa Suits and we were dressed up using a tripod for photos. A grounds worker nearby said, " Are those real puppies? I thought they were stuffed animals they were sitting so still!" This cracked me up as I thought, Boy, that would be awfully weird for us to be taking pictures with stuffed animals! haha. Anyhow, they turned out great and will be fun to share.  
Fashion / 22.03.2016

IMG_6884IMG_6881Hello ladies and Gents,I hope everyone had a nice weekend, as I want to know where the time went! I am still trying to adjust to Daylight Savings time, and wake up feeling tired. My boy Gibby just turns around from being in his tight little ball of fur, to staring at me knowing it's F-O-O-D time! Truffles has joined in the "Morning Stare Down", and I laugh and get out of bed. As far as weather goes,  we have had some usual record temps here in Charlotte with a few days in the 80s! Charlotte, has in the past gone from Winter to Summer, but this is just one of those spells everyone is experiencing ,and we will be back to normal temps. Today I decided to show you an outfit with pattern mixing. I have done this as a very subtle way in the past, HERE with stripes and a leopard print, and today I am sharing one of the more popular way to mix patterns, floral and stripes.
Fashion, Link Up / 10.11.2015

IMG_9629Hello Ladies!  Welcome again to #turningheadstuesday!Hard to believe it is November already. It has been raining non stop here in Charlotte, but the weather at night  is awesome. You know the chill-in-the-air-cuddle-under-the-blankets-while-drinking-hot-cocoa-kind of weather :-) That's my kind of sleeping weather. I was glad I was able to get one good day in where I could take some photos without having to stand under an umbrella again.