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Beauty / 11.05.2018

 Morning Ladies!I am quite excited to share with you a skin care line I love and believe in! I was introduced to it last year, and you can read about my first review HERE. is my primary line of skin care I use daily. I have shared other skin care products on the blog, in which I tried, and I may supplement with a few products here and there, but found the science and reliability of NCN Professional  Skin care to be fantastic.The creator and owner Nanci, is wonderful, she has answered many of my questions and has a passion for her business.
Beauty / 17.03.2017

Hello friendsIt has only taken me over 40 years to be pleased with the skin care products I am using. I know I "should have begun more of a skin care routine in my 20s, but let's face it, as a college student,  it wasn't easy to afford. I do feel like products have come a long way and finding the skin care routine that works for you doesn't have to resemble the "search for the Holy Grail".  I am going to introduce you to a product line today that I am quite pleased with, and have seen results.