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Fashion, Link Up / 09.05.2017

Hello Friends,Well, we had a Dog Day Afternoon at Raylen Vineyards on the weekend, when we attended the Dog and Drinks event, benefiting the Humane Society. Gibson was so excited when we got there, as he pulled on his leash to get to see other dogs. Truffles hid behind my hubby's pant leg- thinking " doggy overload!: I, however, was in my element! Pups and wine, two of my favorite things! This outfit for today was something I put together for Sunday, I wasn't about to wear white jeans at a vineyard with dogs :-)
Fashion, Link Up / 02.05.2017

 I hope everyone had a great weekend. I had a better weekend and it seems things are improving coming of my medication. That and getting dry needling treatments are what are my saving grace.  Today I decided to put together a layered outfit of earth tones with rust, browns, gold and wooden accessories. I am wearing a pair of sunglasses by Winkwood.   You  may be familiar with  Winkwood as Emma has the same pair and Dawn and Grace have the round style. This style of pink, zebrawood and carved leaves is known as Autumn Tale.