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Fashion / 25.08.2014

IMG_3842Hi Ladies,I know you are going to find this hard to believe. But, yes, I was a headbanger. If not all of you know what this is, is it the state of moving one's head up and down with the motion of one's hair flying everywhere to the beat of the music. The music is often metal music. Yes, I was an am still a fan of Metallica. However, this is not what the title is referring to, AND my taste in music has changed some...
Fashion / 22.08.2014

IMG_3796Hello Ladies!Again, Happy Monday, is it Monday already? This was another warm day so we decided to take my nephew, Tyler out for his 19th Birthday. We went out by the Lake to enjoy the view amongst other things This week, I am going to show various ways of styling denim. You all know I am more of a dress and skirt girl, but on occasion, i get the urge to wear denim.
Fashion / 15.08.2014

IMG_3768Hi LadiesHappy Friday! Looking forward to the weekend? Well, as promised this is the last combo of red/black for the week, and I took a full red skirt, added a layered silk top, textured belt to accentuate the waist, and some new shoes to change it up. Do you have some fuller skirts in your closet?
Fashion / 13.08.2014

IMG_3749Hi Ladies!Here we are Wednesday, does it feel like half the week has gone by? Well, as promised, I am showing you styling of the color palette red and black. Today I am wearing my sheath dress from Ann Taylor and I hope you enjoy the Plenty of Poppies in the Pretty Print.. now say that tongue twister ten times fast...
Fashion / 06.08.2014

IMG_3654Hello Ladies! Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a great week. Someone told me the other day I had a great smile. I told her that I have been conditioned, as my dad had a darkroom growing up, so that is what we learned to do. So, regardless of how I feel, I am compelled to smile in almost all of my photographs.