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Girl’s Best Friend













Marilyn Monroe once said, ” Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”.  Well, I would tend to argue that statement, and say that she never met my boy, Gibby! He is my shadow, my audience for when I make up goofy songs around the house, my comfort when I have a good or bad day. He is my furry red teddy bear.

I wanted to show or depict the graphic t I was wearing. It first caught my attention because of the cloth used on the skirt of the girl. I wanted to show the picture with my outfit, so I looked at the shirt, got out my fuller skirt, a green bag, and held my red little puppy up in the air, as you can see on the t-shirt. And for this shoot, and only, I wore these awesomely cute 40s styled grey pumps I love. In other words, I did my best at trying to re-create the pic in the t-shirt. Gib is a good sport, so he was more than happy to participate. He loves the camera, my girl is shy. I will need to include her at another time. This jacket, by Betsy Johnson, I loved from the start. Being in NC, I have more leather jackets than wool coats, as I just don’t need it, I just wanted a lighter color, and between the details and the nude color, I decided to buy it.

for me, diamonds would be lovely to have, but you can’t sing to them, talk to them, pet them, love them, and have them love you! For me, this girl’s best friend is her puppies.

P.S. Here and there you may see me wear heels for the blog pics. Notice I am still smiling. That is with the knowledge I will be taking them off in the next 5 minutes! Kitten heels may be up my alley, we’ll see.

Jacket: Betsey Johnson ( Nordstrom ), Skirt: Zara, T-shirt ( Loft last year), heels ( Nine West, in Shop My Closet on sale  Handbag : Hayden Harnett, Earrings: Jewel Box


Link up: thepleatedpoppy ,  style elixer Style Sessions Style Elixer


  • gn0mel0ver
    Posted at 01:20h, 25 April Reply

    I love how you recreated your shirt picture. So cool! Your little dog is adorable. Is he a shitzu? I am so with you in the heels. I cannot wear them to save my life. They hurt! I don’t do pain! I cannot handle it! I love the color of your skirt. So pretty!


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 08:36h, 25 April Reply

      Thank you ! Yes, he is a shitzu and I have 1 more I will have to include her soon. I appreciate the lovely comments. Stop by again. This is one of my favorite skirts.

  • Willfully Elegant
    Posted at 11:22h, 24 April Reply

    Jess, thank you so much for stopping by yesterday. I absolutely love your outfit!! The pleats and the details of the jacket..and stunning. And your lil adorable..truly a best friend..

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 11:40h, 24 April Reply

      Thank you!! I am a big fan of Zara and their clothing. I loved this color as it is a blush but has peach undertones. My jacket I liked due to the detailing, like you said, and my buddy, Giibby, is a real cuddler! Stop by or follow me if you wish. 🙂 jess

  • Monika
    Posted at 10:39h, 24 April Reply

    Hi Jess,
    what a cute shirt and what a cute idea to make this photo with you and your dog. Absolutely georgeous. Beautiful styling, Blush is a wonderful colour. I recently bought a jacket quite similar to yours.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 11:08h, 24 April Reply

      Thank you Monika. I really thought of it when I bought the t-shirt, red fur on my dog, and me with a skirt holding him .I would love to see your jacket as well. I like leather jackets with detail, as it is mainly what I need here in the South. I appreciate the compliments. Have a great day, jess

  • fizzandfrosting
    Posted at 08:29h, 24 April Reply

    I just love that blush skirt! And I completely agree that my puppies are way more valuable than jewelry!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 08:55h, 24 April Reply

      Thank you Lauren for dropping by. The skirt is a favorite, and I am shopping more at Zara. I love it, as they have quality clothes, good prices, and arrive 2 days to my house. I would love to see your puppies on your blog. Valuable and more fun! 🙂

  • Tara
    Posted at 05:32h, 24 April Reply

    That tee is so cute, I want it!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 08:12h, 24 April Reply

      Thank you!. I would have posted where to get it, but it was from Loft last year. Stop by again. Jess 🙂

  • whosaprettygirl
    Posted at 21:11h, 23 April Reply

    OMG! I have that exact shirt. I seriously want that jacket and shoes…LOVE!!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 21:16h, 23 April Reply

      Hi Hon. I want to see you wear the shirt!! I don;t wear t-shirts but the material for the girl’s skirt made it for me. The jacket is on Nordstrom, and I am selling my heels if you are interested, they are on the SHOP MY CLOSET link at the top. I accept offers too. These are my fav heels, but I can’t wear them anymore. Have a good night. jess

  • Carrie
    Posted at 20:53h, 23 April Reply

    Jess, your style really is elegant. I love this skirt style and color. The top is so feminine and perfect with the skirt. Love that you are so good at a jacket as a completer piece. + great doggie! 🙂

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 21:13h, 23 April Reply

      Thanks Carrie. He likes getting his picture taken. Thank you regarding my outfit. I loved this jacket because of the details and color. I mostly have leather jackets here in Charlotte, as I don’t need many wool coats. I am not much of a t-shirt girl, but I loved this one. Have a great weekend. jess

  • Erin
    Posted at 20:41h, 23 April Reply

    Aw, how sweet are you two! You have a lovely, girly, spring look too! 🙂 Very pretty!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 21:22h, 23 April Reply

      Thank you Erin. I try! I am a a girly girl in many ways, but not high maintenence if I can help it. I appreciate the comment. Stop by again!

  • Jasmin
    Posted at 19:19h, 23 April Reply

    Loving that top, skirt and your pup of course! Great look 🙂


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 19:47h, 23 April Reply

      Thank you! My pup was my inspiration for the look. 🙂 I appreciate you stopping by. Please do so again. jess

  • amyjbennett
    Posted at 18:49h, 23 April Reply

    Such a pretty skirt and cute dog. Love the idea!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 18:51h, 23 April Reply

      Thank you Amy. When I first saw the t-shirt, I thought of my puppy. Years later doing a blog, I can try and recreate the look. And my boy isn’t camera shy!
      Stop by again. Jess

  • Elle Berman
    Posted at 17:02h, 23 April Reply

    Love you cute dog Gibby! I can see why he is your best friend, with diamonds maybe being second best? Love your pleated skirt, fabulous tee, and grat jacket. I adore those shoes, but please take them off soon so you can be comfy!
    XX, Elle

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 17:32h, 23 April Reply

      Hi Elle!! Missed you.
      Thank you for the lovely compliments on my outfit. I bought this tee when I thought of my precious boy, Gibby.He is my furry companion I love. Haha on the diamonds, don’t have much in that category to judge. I had to pair these shoes ( I am selling) with the outfit, before they sell, as they were one of my fav pairs, but yes, I really can’t wear them for more than a couple minutes. :-)) Hope you have a great week. jess xx

  • myrosecoloredshades
    Posted at 15:16h, 23 April Reply

    That is such a cute tee! I’m also loving the blush skirt. And Gibby, he’s absolutely adorable!


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 15:25h, 23 April Reply

      Thank you Cynthia. He is cute and he knows it!! I wanted to put this tee together for awhile, the skirt worked well. Appreciate the comment.

  • Mary
    Posted at 15:04h, 23 April Reply

    Cute outfit girl!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 15:23h, 23 April Reply

      Thank you Mary! I appreciate it. My doggy liked it too. Have a good day

  • mark
    Posted at 14:49h, 23 April Reply

    wowzers! you look so gorgeous! very feminine attire, indeed! i give it two thumbs up!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 14:53h, 23 April Reply

      Hi Mark. You must be a new follower, welcome. Thank you for the comments. Are you in the States?

      • mark
        Posted at 17:49h, 23 April Reply

        yes indeed, i am a new follower as of today! i read your bio–you sound like an amazing person!

        • Jess Jannenga
          Posted at 18:20h, 23 April Reply

          Thank you. I appreciate it. Thanks for following 🙂

  • plutrell
    Posted at 14:27h, 23 April Reply

    Love this whole post…from puppy to cute tee to fun styling, Great job, Jessica!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 14:54h, 23 April Reply

      Thanks so much Pam! I had fun putting this together 🙂 Gibby is very photogenic! I wanted my posing to look like the image on the t shirt. Have a great day!

  • Katie Did What
    Posted at 14:14h, 23 April Reply

    What a sweet little fur baby!! And that skirt is so perfectly feminine and gorgeous! Love it!


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 14:17h, 23 April Reply

      Thank you Katie! He is my best buddy, so soft and cuddly too. This is one of my fav skirts too. Stop by again. Katie:-)

  • Jess
    Posted at 14:13h, 23 April Reply

    Thanks Monica. Yes, he is my best buddy!

  • woodlucker
    Posted at 12:21h, 23 April Reply

    Good morning Jess, what a great outfit and your dog is adorable! Nice to have a furry friend. This jacket is outstanding! Such great detail on the back and I love it with the skirt. Have a fun day.

    blue hue wonderland

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:35h, 23 April Reply

      Good Morning! I hope you are having a great day here. It is nice in Charlotte. I was looking for a spring faux leather jacket, and because of the detailing and color, I went with this one, and am glad I did. The shirt made me want to emulate it with my pup Gibson. With your clothing details Ann, I could definately see you in this jacket as well. Enjoy your week. Jess :-))

  • Jess Jannenga
    Posted at 12:07h, 23 April Reply

    Thank you Mary! Oh, I just love him to pieces 🙂 He has always been a comfort to me. When I saw the Tshirt, I thought I need to re-create that with Gibson!! I don’t have many t-shirts, but the tactile cloth on it, and the picture made it for me. If I find one similar, will let you know.
    Oh, you will have to post your little Bella some time. Pugs are so cute as well.
    Thank you Mary!! Have a great day as well. 🙂 Jess

  • Monica
    Posted at 11:45h, 23 April Reply

    It’s funny you reference Marilyn and then talk about your little one because I actually posted a meme a long time ago that says “Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend never had a dog.” I agree with you 100%!!!! My fur babies are my world 🙂

    Love your blog, just came across it from the comment on mine 🙂

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:33h, 23 April Reply

      Thank you Monica!
      I would love to see a pic of your puppies in a post as well Yes, he is my buddy. Glad you like my blog, Perhaps we can follow each other? jess

      • Monica
        Posted at 13:41h, 23 April Reply

        Yes! I’m following you on bloglovin’

        Also, I post them every once in a while, mostly post them on Instagram though. Your little one is definitely an adorable one 🙂

  • Mary Murnane
    Posted at 10:47h, 23 April Reply

    Oh, Jess, the photos of you and your dog melted my heart! How adorable he is! Really made me miss my own dog, a sweet little Pug named Bella. (My husband and Bella arrive in Florida this weekend, her first trip to the sunshine state and as you can probably imagine I can’t wait to see them!)

    As for your look – love it! The pairing of the pleated skirt and whimsical T-shirt is fabulous! Would love to find a similar T-shirt.

    Have a wonderful day! xx – M

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