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Fashion / 19.11.2014

IMG_5559 Happy Wednesday What can I say? I love pencil skirts and I love leopard. IF. it. Is. Done. Well. How many of us have seen some cheap looking leopard prints? I think everyone can wear leopard it just had to be a nice quality of leopard. THis skirt is jaquard and I bought it last year from one of my Fav stores, Ann Taylor.
Fashion / 17.09.2014

IMG_4403Hello LadiesHere we are, my date night, wedding reception, all around dinner date kind of dress. I initially bought it for my brother Matt's wedding last year, as I was struck by the style of the dress, how it accentuates the waist, and the teal blue color. Some of you liked my hair up when I wore it this way to Charleston, so I hope you continue to like it up in this post, thought it would give it a dressier feel.
Uncategorized / 23.06.2014

I know you might be wondering about the title a bit. Well, my sister in law bought me this really cool looking necklace one Christmas, and it literally looks like strands of DNA. I thought it was so neat, as I do like reading medical info, and did so especially when I was first diagnosed with an illness. The colors intertwined in the necklace is what also makes it quite interesting, as there are purples, blues, greens, mixed and strewn throughout. I love pieces that are original. I have always loved medical shows: Dr G Medical Examiner, Forensic Files, Cold...

Uncategorized / 18.06.2014

Hello LadiesIt is that time of year, where we can go and listen to summer concerts. I love sitting on the lawn and just kicking back with a bottle of wine, or other beverages, just enjoying an acousitc guitar player. This is my guitar from many years ago, a Taylor 412, when I went to teach in the South. I had just come out of college, and worked in an area with unfortunate conditions. I had to travel to two different schools, and was put in a trailer when the heat was above 90 and the air conditioners wouldn't work....