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Fashion / 10.10.2016

img_9077img_9079Hello friends!Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. It rained Friday and Saturday all day, with Sunday leaving us with sunshine and cool weather. We had to take advantage of it! We went to a new-old part of town, one of the historic districts and enjoyed Brunch at a pretty hip place! My inner 12 year old  girl comes out when I can bring the pups and the place is Dog -Friendly. I decided I was going to make my rounds while I wait for breakfast and approach each cute puppy and their owner and ask "May I pet your puppy?" I just cant help myself. I am drawn to dogs! Anyhow, it turned out to be a lovely place we enjoyed.  A New Adventure. Speaking of  "adventure", I am here to tell you about the company I have collaborated with ( now the 3rd time) that is all about day to day adventure, JAMBU.
Fashion / 26.09.2016

img_8915img_8925img_8932Happy Monday Ladies,I find it hard to believe we are getting near October. Charlotte will experience Fall eventually, as the end of October presents a cooler air and some changing leaves.  As much as I like wine, I look forward to some of the Octoberfest festivities in the area. We also have a trip planned for October I will tell you about later. Today, I am bringing to you , my collaboration with Eco-friendly company, Aventura. When they first contacted me, I went straight for the dresses, as I wanted a comfortable fall dress I could wear on the plane, and around Taos, NM. This is right on trend with the Athleisure-wear this Fall. I will wear this with a pair of burgundy leather slip on sneakers for that particular look.
Fashion / 28.04.2016

 IMG_7256Hello LadiesToday I am sharing with you a review of some new shoes from Rockport. When they initially contacted me, I was hesitant, as I knew Rockport from years back when my Dad was wearing their shoes. The name conjured up some shoes that were meant for stability, cushion but not as much looks. However, times have changed, and Rockport has some wonderful shoes to choose from. The image is different and the styles are on trend with the looks of today. I was thrilled when I saw these floral flats made with their "Total Motion technology". For me, as for I imagine many women, the appeal of comfort and style is what one looks for in a shoe. They are the Total Motion Adelyn  Ballet flat.
Fashion / 10.03.2016

LadiesI had to have a post just interjecting a bit of spring into the blog today. I am also reviewing Jambu. As you know, I am a former teacher. I taught Elementary Ed and Music Education. As a teacher it is my perogative to occasionally give "Pop Quizzes". So, see how well you do! Before you looked at the title of my post, now, don't go back and "cheat":-)Jambu is:A. An African dance that was made into a new exercise program for 2016.B. A delicious New Orlean's Creole dish.C. A Company that sells amazing footwear with exquisite comfort using memory...