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Fashion, Link Up / 16.02.2016

 IMG_6604IMG_6612Hello Ladies and Matt,Welcome to Turning Heads Tuesday. Matt is my younger brother, and he commented that he wants to comment on my blog but that I ALWAYS begin with, "Hello Ladies", so I decided to include him in my introduction! I better hear from you, Matt!! :-)February is always a time, actually January is when I start to get antsy for Spring. I just am not a fan of cold, and the inability to take my puppies out with us to lunch or a wine bar, or anywhere for that matter. I could complain, but our winter isn't very long here in Charlotte, and the coldest months are January and February. I do like to see sunshine though. It just so happened to be the spot in which we took pictures was sunny.   I just prefer warmer days, and do believe in the "winter blues".
Spotlight On Over 40 Blogs, Uncategorized / 01.01.2016

lorna7 Happy New Year! I imagine you won't be surprised to know that I am not such a party til  the break of dawn type of girl, but still enjoy a fun New Years with some cocktails, earlier movie and watching the ball drop from Times Square.I am looking forward to 2016 and hope it is a great year for Health and hapinness for all of you! TYpically, my SPOTLIGHT ON: Over 40 Series is the last week of each month, but we all know how busy December gets! For the New Year, I hope to share with you new blog goals, a bit more about me personally, as you get to know me more through my blog as well, and new fashion topics.Today I want to introduce  you to Lorna Mai, a blogger friend, from  Color Queen. I am all for color, as surprisingly I used to wear mostly black. For myself, black is too stark against pale skin, so if I do, I like to wear a color close to my face. Let's hear what Lorna has to say about color and her blog. Later, this month I hope to share with you some of my New Year's Blog Goals.
Fashion, Link Up / 17.11.2015

IMG_9793IMG_9784Happy #turningheadtuesday! LadiesGlad to see you here. I had a good time going out with the pups and hubby , this week and we took photos, even though I thought I was going to be blown away! Who needs fans when the wind is blowing at 65 miles an hour! Well, my hair went  here, there and everywhere. The meal was so good though! It was great to get out and I enjoyed a Malbec with a delicious portobello mushroom, roasted red pepper, pesto,and Guyere cheese sandwich on Chibatta bread. So.. tasty! I love my veggie sandwiches.! I had to laugh though as we were the only ones sitting outside with the dogs at 4:00 in the afternoon. I admit I am a wimp when it comes to wind and cold, but here in the South, it is nothing like my hometown of PA, so I dont complain!
Fashion, Spotlight On Over 40 Blogs / 30.10.2015

 choiesfloralmaxiskirt13Hello Readers,If you have been following, or you are a new reader, I do a monthly series, called "Spotlight On; Over 40" where I like to interview my over 40 friends/bloggers and get their input and fashion sense.Today I am happy to present my interview with my bellisma amica, Val of Fashion and Cookies blog. I have gotten to know Val a little bit more this year, through her wonderful elegant and chic style, along with the beauty tips she shares on her blog. We have similiar styles and I wanted the readers to get to know more about Val. She has great style with many feminine looks and also some fun, chic, street style fashion as well. I know she has fun with fashion, which we all need to do! We both have a love for color and accessories, so I hope you enjoy this interview.Well, the first question I had to ask her was obvious, as these are two of my favorite things as well!!
Fashion / 05.10.2015

 EDS1Hello Ladies!Don't you just love the look of suede? The colors that brands are showing now in rich pine greens, rust, burgundy. I love the look of suede and am currently on the hunt for a suede dress or skirt. Finding a suede skirt that doesn't look like the size of a napkin, can be tricky for this girl, as I am 5 foot 9, and many skirts I am seeing are either short short, or long in length. So, with that said, what do you like about the look of suede? Is the trend right for you?
Fashion / 08.09.2015

**** Credit Vogue Magazine*** #NYFW Instagram***Hello Ladies!No sooner do I get back from Asheville, am I going to be attending for the first time in my life, New York Fashion Week!#NYFW I will be killing two birds with one stone, so to speak, as my brother, Tim, lives in NY and I will be able to visit him and his wife for the first time since they moved there. I am attending two shows, going to some events, and will be sharing them with you in shorter posts, and much on #socialmedia!Please follow me on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER  for the most...

Fashion, Link Up / 01.09.2015

 Hello Ladies!Welcome back to #turningheadstuesday!  First off, I'm BA-ACK! Back to reality, as we came home from our month long working vacation in Asheville. Had an amazing time! Fabulous fresh food, tempting tapas, pup-friendly vineyards and views with hikes on the Blue Ridge Parkway's trails. Today  I am reviewing Marmi Shoes. When I was asked to review  Marmi shoes,  there was a nice selection to choose from. As soon as I saw the red flats with bows, with a snakeskin texture, I was sold.Can I say I am in love? With a pair of shoes, that is!I don't own a...

Uncategorized / 15.06.2015

 Today I am Co-Hosting with the wonderful Cherie, of Style Nudge. She has the best shoes! Her #ShoeandTell Linkup features wonderful ladies and their styles, as well as their fab footwear.Just a few of my favorite  to share, as this is a growing trend that seems to work for many ages. Pop on a blazer and heels or wedges for summer, and one has a well put together look. This would probably be something I would try on in the stores as I am tall and need the length.1378386_216314Lulus Red Jumpsuit with strappy back. Sexy and lots of ways to style.I do like the mix of red and black, so perhaps a black strappy sandal and accessories?What shoes would YOU wear with this? Buy it HERE. ( I am an affiliate, so any earnings help with the website)