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Fashion / 19.11.2015

 IMG_9767Hello Ladies... its almost the weekend! Is this week going fast?Let's just say hubby was being "artsy-fartsy" here with the sun behind my head. I suppose one has to experiment from time to time. I just love all of the leaf colors and it was a good day to take pics. I do find that some days I just have a tough time focusing on a task at hand, as I won't get into it too much, but it has been the second time in  2 months since I have gone out for "fun". EDS can do that to me sometimes. Anyhow, two of the best things that came out of EDS was Gibson and Truffles my pups.  Tell you more about them in the post, but I was in a faux leather skirt mood kind of a day. I have a few in my closet, and this one from Ann Taylor in a chocolate brown really lent itself to styling with some teal tones and soft velvet textures.
Fashion, Link Up / 03.11.2015

 IMG_9614Hello Ladies!First, let's talk hair. I think we all love our hair to suit our coloring, personality, style . Last week, for Turning heads Tuesday, it was a more red- darker copper. When my stylist, who is awesome, did my hair, as to eliminate my greys, more copper was added to my red hair. I am used to my golden -red or gold copper look, and thought it was too dark for me.