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Fashion, Link Up / 14.08.2018

 Morning friends!It's HOT. H-O-T! This week here in Charlotte is unseasonally hotter than it has been over the summer. Let's put it this way,ย  I may have been smiling as I do for photos, but my body was pouring sweat like an new born infant crying for his mommy! The blaring sun and heat, along with the high humidity, made it challenging as I thought about how my hair was sticking to the back of my head. I think you get it, HOT. I took this orange Zara shift dress out of my closet as I haven't worn it on the blog in awhile and I love the bright colors- the orange reminding me of the heat eminating from theย  sun- as well as it being a bright, rich color that I love any time of the year.
Fashion, Link Up, Places / 05.05.2016

 IMG_7353Hello LadiesI wanted to share with you the photos of our recent trip to one of my favorite Vineyards, Raylan Vineyards here in NC. Let's see, there are 95 Vineyards in NC so we need to plan where we want to go each weekend! haha. Anyway, I decided to name this post Orange Shift Dress and My Mom's Genes, however I thought the mere mention of Mom Jeans might turn some away. I am speaking of "Genes" here though. My mom has the gift of being able to speak to anyone and striking up conversations with ease. I think I inherited "mom's genes" as we sat on the comfortable wicker outdoor couch with our picnic and '14 Chardonnay I had the task of tasting. I must have this face that makes people feel at ease to open up. We still laugh that after stopping at a rest stop, mom came out talking to another woman we hadn't seen before. We asked her who the woman was, and she said, " Oh, we just started talking in the ladies' room"... See, "mom's genes." We certainly laugh about it, but I think it was passed on to me, and we were able to enjoy speaking to different people at the vineyard about NC wines, puppies, and the like.