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Beauty / 13.03.2014

 Ok, I am going to show my age here a bit, and say I remember a perfume that was around the house growing up . Who remembers Jean Nate? I can not remember all of the names, but remember many with a very strong scent, and also a musky smell. That definately is not me!! I also remember my dad's soap on a rope, and Polo for men. I now love floral scents, clean and light My favorite perfume is Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, and I do also like the Chance line. As a gift two Valentine's Day's ago, I received...

Uncategorized / 12.02.2014

 I don't know about you,but I am not exactly into the over-priced Valentine's Day dinner, where at any other time, the $80 meal per person, might be $35.Okay, am exaggerating. However, I do like a good bottle of Malbec, Tempranillo, or some other delicious dry red to make the evening. So, I say celebrate either the day before Valentines, if you want to go out to eat somewhere special, or get a very good bottle of wine, cheese, crackers, then stop at Whole Foods to bring home some other yummy appetizers. The other great thing you can do, if you don't go...