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Fashion / 19.04.2016

 Hello Ladies!I hope everyone is enjoying spring like weather or at least getting a bit warmer. We were able to sit outside at one of our places we are deemed "regulars" and enjoy lunch with some red wine or beer. My mom has been visiting and we are taking her to our favorite places.  I admit many of them are wine bars! She has been enjoying her stay, and seeing family. When out,  Truffles is always waiting for something to drop to the ground, Gibby became interested in Molly, a Maltese/Shih Tzu mix. White, Fluffy, he is there! On another...

Fashion, Link Up / 12.04.2016

IMG_7099Hello Ladies and Gents,You all know me, at least most of my favorite styles by now. Yes, the floral fantastic profusion has begun! There may be an abundance of florals just ahead as the Spring season is here and the sun decides to emerge for more than a few hours. I do tend to wear many florals, maybe so much by some standards that they should be sprouting from my ears and  between my toes. But I can't say no! Florals are trending now, but I was wearing them prior to the trend, just like to see that I fall in accordance to some trends. My mom is now visiting traveling back and forth from my sister's house to ours, and I have discovered some pictures of when I began my love for florals. Looking through some pictures when I was younger, I was 10 and in a school presentation when I wore a blue floral dress I was quite in love with. Perhaps my obsession with florals began then.  I will have to share some of these images in upcoming posts.