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Fashion / 12.08.2016

eyeglasses1Hello Ladies!I thought today I would talk more about glasses. Yes, I was ole "four eyes" since the 4th grade.  Since I have a bit of a competitive nature, when hubby and I went in to get our eye's checked I bet him that he would be the one to need "progressive lenses." Haha! Well, when we came out, neither one of us was laughing, we both needed them, blind as a bat! I had a feeling, as when my opthamologist asked me to try a portion of this test where there are nine dots and several of them are raised, to test depth perception; my first question was " Do you mean I am supposed to see raised dots?" Well,that  failed that miserably, and walked out with progressive lenses.
Fashion / 28.07.2016

IMG_8281IMG_8297Hello Ladies! ( and gents)I was very happy for this collaboration to come to fruition, as I needed a new pair of prescription glasses, and Zenni  Optical was interested in working with me. In the future, I plan on doing several posts on glasses, as I have a collection at this point, but today wanted to share with you, a timely topic: What I have in my Beach/Pool Tote It was very hot at the beach in temps in the high 90s, just as it will be back here in the Lake Norman area this week. The weekend will climb to 100, So, what's a person to do? Either go to the beach or to the pool!
Uncategorized / 16.07.2014

IMG_3295 When I was looking at the two lines of sunglasses in the Warby Parker Sunglass Line, (click here for Summer 2014) ,   I thought to myself, their Sunglass line has an air of fun, laid back style,and classic fashion, but also many of the frames come in a wood like quality, a more casual, outdoorsy look. On the other hand, the Karlie Kloss  line , states more of a high fashion, look-at-me, elegant style that can be worn with dressy skinny jeans, to fashionably colorful midi skirts, evening dresses and the like. That is not to say one has to dress a certain way to wear the Warby Parker line, just different moods and scenerios are more favorable for certain styles. Warby Parker is a company out of New York whose glasses are very popular and known worldwide.