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Fashion, Link Up / 28.02.2017

Hello friends,Well, it has been one of those weeks! I am usually "on the ball" when it comes to posts, but I was running behind lately. I had Dry Needling PT yesterday, and had to come home and do photos for the blog. Usually, it is all about the Epsom Salt bath and a heating pad, after those hypodermic needles go in and out of my tensed up, trigger point riddled body, but I suppose "you gotta do, what you gotta do" sometimes, right? Before I get into what I am wearing today, I want to mention I am quite pleased with how my makeup has been looking for pictures. I have tried some new products from Sephora lately, and if you missed my post, see it HERE.
Fashion / 29.03.2016

Hello LadiesWelcome back to #turningheadstuesday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. My mom is coming soon to visit in Charlotte, as my sister and I both live here, she in the South area, and us in the North. My little niece Makaila, who started kindergarten this year, will enjoy seeing Grandma too. More on her in another post, as she is like a little mini-me at 5 years old, loving dresses and florals, long hair and jewelry. ย My mom is making her rounds to visit all of us for longer periods. I am looking forward to it. I always...