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Fashion / 11.01.2019

Happy Friday Friends,I have dedicated my Fridays to usually midlife, inspirational, or other varied topics for the New Year. I would like to try a Friday Favorites once a month, and share with you some of the favorite things I enjoy, how I spend my time etc. Today, I am taking a reader's request and writing about shopping secondhand. I know, people often reassess their finances in the New Year, and by shopping secondhand, not only are we helping the environment, but also our wallets. Plus, what lady doesn't love the art of finding a deal?
Fashion / 03.11.2017

 ( this outfit- this tweed jacket was from LaFayetteNY149- I bought on Poshmark-originally $250, I paid $50, and my Rebecca minkoff bag - bought on eEbay)TGIF Friends!One thing i know about this time of year, is that it is my favorite time for styling outfits. I love that you can be creative with layering, prints, color choices, and love the fabrics associated with Fall-tweed, leather, cashmere, velvet... If you were to look at my closet, you would assume I am from the North as the have more fall/winter clothes than I do Spring/Summer. I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA, but have been living in Charlotte for 15 years now. Dressing for this season ( or any other) doesn't have to cost a fortune, even as a Fashion blogger, if you know where to look for deals!