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Fashion / 22.10.2015

IMG_9460Hello LadiesI excited today to share with you two looks and how to take this lovely peacock patterned top from Fabrizio Gianni from a Day to Night Look. We all love to make the most out of our wardrobes, and buy pieces that can serve us in many ways, or make our closets more versatile. Fabrizio Gianni has come out with a new line of V Neck patterned tops for fall with some fun fashionable looks. You have seen this style top on me, in a bright rasberry color when I showed"How to Wear Brights . These patterns can be dressed up and down, in ways I am going to show you today. The pattern stood out to me, as I love the shades of blue and moss green and lets face it, the peacock is a beautiful bird! I am doing my best here, to strut my struff!
Uncategorized / 30.07.2014

IMG_3501Hi Ladies! ( Warning: this following post will make you hungry for fashion and food!)Ahhh. The temps have finally cooled down to the mid 80s and the humidity is lower, so my hubby and I went to one of our favorite hangouts, Port City Club, where we haven't dined in a month.I was feeling in the mood for a little leopard today and put together this ensemble.
Uncategorized / 19.02.2014

      As soon as I saw this skirt in one of Ann Taylor's catalogues, I knew it was mine! I love the quilting, slightly a-line structure of the skirt, and who can't use another black skirt in their wardrobe?. I have had some compliments of this particular color of olive green top with my copper hair, so decided to pair it with the skirt. Of course, I need to be be-jeweled. The Jewel Box is a local Lake Norman haunt of mine, where I am on a first name basis, because their jewelry is both trendy, pretty, and inexpensive. I saw...