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Fashion / 06.11.2017

Good Morning friendsThere is nothing like Fall. I love it, it has always been my favorite season as i love the chill in the air, the changing of leaves, hiking, camping, and wearing Fall Fashion. As you think of Fall and Fall hues, what colors spring to mind? I know I love most of Fall's shades as they tend to compliment my hair and skin tone.  If you missed the Pantone Institute colors for this season, see my post HERE.
Fashion, Link Up / 29.08.2017

 Hello ladies!I hope everyone had a great weekend!  If you aren't familiar with the Pantone Institiute for Color, I have written about it each year and recently wrote a post about the Fall 2017 colors from the Pantone Instittute. Earlier this year, the color "Greenery" was established as the Color of the Year. As you know, I am a fan of green in its many shades: olive, emerald, pine green, are a few of my favorites.. If you are a reader, you are also familiar with one of my favorite brands, Uno Alla Volta, as I just posted last week accessories I have styled.
Fashion, Link Up / 22.08.2017

 Hello Ladies. We went to see the Total Eclipse in Greenville, SC and it was so amazing! My hubby took some good shots so I hope to share more of that and my day's adventure on the blog most likely Friday. Puppies were so good and it didnt phase them  It really was a great event with people cheering when it went to Total Eclipse.  We were gone until late in the evening when we got home, as there was a bit of traffic!This is  favorite day to see all of your fashions and to influence me to spend more money on clothes! hehehe. I am bringing you some amazing accessories from Uno Alla Volta, a company in which I have partnered HERE,  HERE HERE and HERE. Do you ask the questions, how do my accessories make my look? What do they say about me?
Fashion, Link Up / 04.07.2017

 Hello Friends,I can still picture myself, in 4th Grade, wearing purple oversized glasses and my blue  floral dress, dancing, waving a flag and singing to a patriotic song on stage. Ah, fond memories! Now, if only I knew where that picture was!  I do think of the 4th of July as being the real kickoff to Summer! I love grilling out, enjoying summer wines, taking a dip in the pool, vacation time and just enjoying the sunshine. With Summer here, there are less layers to our outfits, so wearing unique, one of a kind jewelry is another way to make a statement! Today I am wearing some unique glass Murano jewelry from a brand in which I introduced to you previously, Uno Alla Volta.  Meaning one at a time, the artisans of the company creates something special with each piece. You can read the previous posts, HERE, HERE and HERE.
Fashion, Link Up / 18.04.2017

Hello Friends,Well, I had a nice but busy weekend. We did get to enjoy the 82 degree temps on Saturday as we made our way to a new Vineyard. I hope to write some posts on our vineyard hopping throughout the summer as it would be a great way for me to note certain wines and how we enjoyed each place. Yesterday I wrote about choosing gifts for Mother's Day via Uno Alla Volta, so if you are looking for a one of a kind piece , check out my post HERE.
Fashion / 17.04.2017

Hello friendsI hope everyone had a Blessed Easter. We also celebrated my girl's Truffles Birthday, as she was 8 on Saturday. She still acts like a puppy! Saturday we went to a new vineyard for us, Magdelina Vineyards. I am sure by now you know I like to try different wine and vineyards here in the NC region, and I hope to bring you some posts on our visits. Let's move on and talk about Mother's Day!