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Personal / 27.07.2018

Happy Friday LadiesKeeping it a bit light today as I have been encountering a few sleepless nights due to Perimenopause or maybe Menopause, we don't quite know yet. My doc seems to think at 50 I am still in Peri, I beg to differ. I do think the term "Hot Flash" is not accurate however, as there is no "flash" but rather a long drawn out evening of Night Sweats! Such is life! Anyhow, I thought I would talk about what I love about Summer!
Fashion, Lifestyle, Link Up, Places / 18.07.2017

Hello friendsAhhh, back from an amazing trip in Savannah, GA. I know, some people head north during the summer months to escape the heat, but we went for it. We really found that it wasn't much hotter than Charlotte. I thought I would break up the trip a bit into parts and write several posts. We stayed in the Historic District in Savannah, and found it to be a great place to walk to restaurants, shops and Forsyth Park. The air conditioning was icy cold and perfect for when we had to leave the pups for the morning. We did spend a good bit of the first day exploring and walking everywhere! 
Fashion / 11.07.2017

Hello friends!I am on vacation with my family this week as we head to Tybee Beach and Savannah, GA. I am so ready for some R n R!See you next week for Turning Heads Tuesday when I hope to bring you some pics from our trip! I will be posting on Instagram, so follow me to check out my pics!Jess xo ...

Places / 25.10.2016

img_9193( The view outside our room) This was just one small area of the expansive grounds at the hotel.Hello Friends! Wow. We had an amazing trip! I have come back feeling motivated and refreshed. I went with my hubby, younger brother Matt, and his wife, Shannon. When we choose the hotel, The El Monte Segrado, in Taos, months ago, I knew we were in for a special stay. We were celebrating both our 15th Anniversary and their 3rd Anniversary, so we were due for some pampering, and it exceed our expectations! I knew I had to break down these blog posts into several posts as we had done so much in a matter of 5 days. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to do as well as I did as we walked a lot, and did quite a bit.
Fashion / 18.10.2016

 ( foyer of the Hotel: El Monte Segrado)Hello Friends!Well, our trip is almost over, and I will be back this week. However, I am still in Santa Fe, NM and Taos, I will be back next week and will soon share my pictures from the vacation and all of the fun that we had. You can continue to see some photos from my INSTAGRAM page, as I am sharing our trip there. If you haven't followed me yet there, I would love for you to, as I am quite active there and love it.  These are just the hotel pictures...

Places / 26.07.2016

Hello Ladies!Welcome back to #TurningheadsTuesday! Glad to have you here and see the fashions on these hot summer days.If you didn't get a chance, check out my post from yesterday on my collaboration with Uncommon Goods and the beautiful bracelet that I will most certainly take to the beach when we return. Boy, did I need the vacation. It also gave me a rest from the computer and most of social media. It did feel good to get away for awhile and just be "in the moment". I would have love to have taken better pictures on the beach, but...

Fashion, Places / 17.08.2015

IMG_8330 Hello Ladies!I thought since I am and will be on vacation here in Asheville, I would share some of my photos and experiences with you about this beautiful, artsy, creative mountain town. Some people are familiar with it from the Biltmore Estate, and we have been there many times. It is a house  in which the famous Vanderbuilts lived. Read more about it here.However, I wanted to present some other side to this fun town! I remember thinking in college that one day I wanted to live in a log home in the mountains , with beautiful views and fresh cool mountain air.  I have been sharing my fashion with you while I am here, but also tell you about my trip.