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Fashion, Link Up / 21.04.2020

What is it about camo that makes us love it?My Outfit and a StoryI have some camo jeans from LOFT in this post -Camo, Floral and a Moto Jacket. I recently wore this NYDJ camo skirt with floral here on this post.- Mixing Spring Patternsand now, I have this ultra-comfy Target dress I am wearing today. And it's $20!!Let me give you a bit of background. You aren't going to believe this, and even I laugh at it!When I was working on my Master's Degree, in my late 20's,  I had broken up with my fiance that I met at Music...

Fashion / 06.04.2020

 Spring dressHi friendsI hope everyone is doing well and trying to keep their minds busy with other things besides Corona. It certainly is hard to. You want to be informed, but you don't want anxiety and fear to creep in. I hope this outfit post brightens your day some in a sunshiny color. All dressed up and no place to go! ( unless you count the back deck!)