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What’s in the Cart: A Glimpse into my Amazon Recent Buys

Happy Friyay friends,

It’s been a bit of a long week, as I mentioned to you about Truffles, my shih tzu and her eye problems.

So, I am keeping it light today and sharing my Amazon recent buys.


First, an update, as I write this post, we just finished going to the doggy Ophthalmologist, and he said our hard work has paid off! We had to give Truffles antibiotic drops every hour (2 of them) and then at night every two hours. We did this for 5 days, as she wore a cone, trying not to scratch. Easier when we both work from home. So, the good news is she is 90% healed from her ulcer and has some inflammation and healing yet to do. The cone remains on until Sat, and we only give the meds 4 times a day. We see him for a follow up next week. I am SO HAPPY! She and Gibson mean the world to me!

She is going to be so happy to be done with the cone today!

Now, On to Amazon

It’s just too easy, isn’t it? Need something. Amazon will probably have it. I do prefer to look at other options first, but if I am looking at getting something quickly for an event, a trip, or I need something pronto, I will go to Amazon.

And yes, I am counting, and it is 17 more days until we leave for Italy!

Amazon Recent Buys

You may have seen that Instagram audio where the question is asked, ” Feeling down, or having a bad day? What do we do? Add to cart”.

Now, you want to watch that you aren’t doing any “emotional shopping”, because it may be just a short-lived elation.

However, sometimes a lipstick or a nail polish can lift your spirits and won’t break the bank!

I did get “sucked in” or influenced by the ads that seem to be non-stop. I bought these as I thought they would be fun to try for a bit or for my trip. I can’t wear nails usually, as I play guitar, but for a night out or for a change, I tried these Glamnetic, which come in many shapes and sizes. I liked these black tips in Caviar, darling!

I am a sucker for lipstick and gloss. This is in rust and how could I not get it? Much of my fall wardrobe has this color in it, and it has hyaluronic acid in it as well. Comes in some pretty pink shades. too

I just love these silk scarves. I am a neck scarf wearer, as I feel they just add that jen es sais quoi to a look, that elevates. I will take several of these to Italy. The scarves come in many patterns and colors.

I bought this before we saw the play here in Charlotte with Richard Thomas. If you missed my post READ HERE.

I was so ready to take this book on the plane, as I love Kristin Hannah and historical fiction. It won’t be released until Feb 2024, so I pre-ordered it. Looks so good!

I recently bought several leather belts and this one is a winner! It is a bit wider at 1 1/2 inch, but perfect for jeans and trousers. I like a thick belt and will show it on the blog soon. It really finishes off a look with jeans or trousers.  Great price and quality.


I had heard alot of things about this Laura Geller foundation. It is a powder to cream. Jury is still out, but I wanted something that I could wear on days we weren’t going out and I wanted something light and didn’t want to use my Dior foundation. This product doesn’t settle into my fine lines, so that is a plus! I do like a dewy look, so we will see.  I do use this Elf Halo Glow on the cheekbones to give some glow.

Stilla makes one of the best eyeliners. This is creamy, and I like an espresso brown as the black can kind of be harsh. Excellent price!

I bought these real rose earrings covered in resin for the Guns N Roses concert. You can see them a bit below as far as size in the second picture. We had an amazing time at the concert, and I had to stand up and dance/sing. It’s a rock concert! We enjoyed dinner beforehand with my siblings and niece! It was her first concert.

I used to have Appetite for Destruction on cassette and would play it when I worked weekends opening up shop at the Original Cookie Company.

Have you made any Amazon purchases lately I’d love to hear what you bought.

Have a great weekend!

Jess xx



  • Leslie Clingan
    Posted at 22:57h, 09 September Reply

    I just put your scarf in my cart. I love it. Those colors are beautiful for fall. I have quite a scar on my neck from 2 cervical spine surgeries and one parathyroid surgery. Most of the time I don’t think about it too much. But it having my neck opened 3 times has done a number to the skin on my neck. Poor neck. So I like wearing scarves now and then to camouflage things.

    Yay for Truffles. I am so glad your ‘doctoring’ has paid off. That must have been quite a trial to administer the eye medication that often. You guys won’t know what it is like to sleep a full night’s sleep!!

    I just discovered Laura Geller and really like the blush I bought. It give my skin a little glow or radiance. Kind of like mineral makeup. I just bought a new creme blush from her that I need to try. Hope you will decide you like your purchase, too.

    Those roses are adorable. What a great memento to remind you of the concert.

  • jodie
    Posted at 15:37h, 08 September Reply

    I’m so glad Truffles is doing better.
    That Laura Geller foundation is my favorite. I don’t use anything else now.

  • Wendy
    Posted at 08:22h, 08 September Reply

    Awesome about the Truffles! So sad she went through all that, but can I just say: her adorable in a cone!! ♥♥♥


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