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Fashion / 09.04.2018

Hi Ladies!. As I slowly add new pieces to my spring wardrobe, I purchased this delicate chiffon scarf with its lovely mix of olives, plum, pinks, lavender and blue, as i styled it previously, in this port - Lilac Dress and Poshmark Deals.  I loved the beautiful print and looked forward to styling it with other pieces in my wardrobe. I don't have a huge collection of scarves, but love a chiffon or silk scarf best.
Uncategorized / 12.03.2014

This is the last in a series from, showcasing the Make a Statement Collection. There was sun out this afternoon, as this winter was strange in Charlotte, a few days you see people bundled in winter coats, then the shorts and t-shirts come out. I decided to wear a cream colored sweater I got from my favorite place to shop, Ann Taylor. No kidding, I am known on a first name basis there.This peplum sweater I had eyed for awhile, and I also liked the fact that it was light, which we need more than heavy, substantial cable knits...