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Why Are Stripes Associated with the French?


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Why are stripes associated with the French?

Why are Stripes Associated with the French?

I initially wrote about stripes IN THIS POST, and this POST and that the Navy and stripes were associated for when sailors would go overboard, they were easier to spot.

What about the Breton Stripe?

Also called the Mariniere, it became a cultural symbol with it being worn by artists, intellectuals, and fashion icons. Sarte, Coco Chanel, and Picasso all wore stripes, which came to be known and associated with French culture.

It also began as a symbol of Napolean’s victories over the British, the 21 stripes.

In the 1930’s, the Breton stripe was of “couture” status, brought on by Coco Chanel and her nautical line of clothing and navy/white stripes.

photo from goutaste.com

Stripe Ideas

Now, today, stripes are of quite popularity, but you don’t want to be a walking “French Caricature”. So, don’t pair your striped shirt with a beret necessarily, or keep it complicated.

A black and white look can keep it sophisticated as well. If worn with jeans, try with a pair of flats for a lovely “French inspired” look, without looking over the top.

I do enjoy pattern mixing, as you know, but so often with fashion mixing 101, the stripe and floral are paired. Keep the size of the stripe in mind when you are mixing two patterns, if you are wanting something a bit more, or with a little more flare.

These Lady Jackets

I bought one of these lady jackets in a rust brown and cream from another Amazon brand. The quality is quite good and soft. I bought several others, as the price is a steal at under $15! It is a dupe for a much more expensive one, and is not too short on me or is not cropped. This black and white one I am wearing with pair with so much in your closet!

This is one of the most easy formulas to recreate. Striped sweater or cardi + slip dress + long boots. Give it a try! The long boots keep the length of the leg line.

Here are other options : option one, two, three.ย 

Are you a fan of stripes? Have you purchased a lady jacket?

Have a great day!

Jess xx

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