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Fashion / 24.04.2017

Happy Monday friends!Well, it is officially summer! Kidding. But here in Charlotte it almost feels like it is! 85 degree days and sunshine have been the weather for the past 4 days.  I love the sun as it does help my mood but the heat can hold off for a few more months! This weekend we enjoyed just sitting out by Lake Norman bringing the pups and having lunch out. I've been having a hard time health wise struggling with coming down on one of my pain medications. I won't go into it only to say that this illness certainly does challenge me both physically and mentally at times.
Fashion, Link Up / 04.04.2017

Hello FriendsThis has to be one of my favorite skirts. I don't usually gravitate toward stripes, but I love the sides of this skirt designed at an angle to draw the eye inward. I've bought a couple of  striped spring items, but they have to have some unique detail that attractes me to it.One can never have too many pencil skirts! They are classic and perfect for any shape. I found this skirt on Poshmark from Ann Taylor for a mere $20 and it was like new! I also bought this Zara Victorian-esque like top in black lace from Poshmark....

Fashion / 12.05.2016

IMG_7459Hello LadiesHow is your week going? I have been pretty busy. Doc's visits, cleaning, blog work, etc..I have been walking with hubby and the pups reguraly on the greenways that we have near our house. I enjoy walking, except when it is nearly 90 degrees. We have had a bit of a heat wave here in Charlotte, where there have been a few days in the high 80s to 90s. I am not a fan! Would like a fan.. just not one.  Today my hair will be trimmed/cut and there will be a glaze/wash on it as I think about in the future possibly getting a LONG, angled bob. I dont know. I am always afraid to cut too much and seem to go through this each summer when the hair sticks to the back of one's head and the only hairstyles seem to be "the bun" or " the ponytail".  I like the chignon, so I just need to look up ideas for styling in the heat. I don't think it will be anytime soon. Just a consideration.