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Fashion / 27.11.2017

 Good morning ladies,i hope everyone had a great weekend. I think we have left overs from Thanksgiving to last us a few weeks. My hubby loves hot turkey sandwiches and the smoked turkey we got was so good! I have done most of my Christmas shopping and do so all on-line. I remember i used to start quite early, and i would end up just buying more, seeing something while you are out that someone would like. It is too tempting. I wanted to share an outfit today that would be lovely to wear for a get together with friends for the Holidays or an office party. I used to teach in the Elementary and Music classrooms, so this outfit would have worked great for our school parties. So even though, I do not have an office job, i was thinking that this would be something that would be special for the Holidays.
Fashion / 08.08.2016

IMG_8442Hi LadiesMetallics have been big this year, but I have always loved them either as an accent or as a full look. Today my inspiration was from this gold maxi dress I found on sale at H&M. I loved the light material and the bit of leg one can show with the slit up the front of the dress. Built in air-conditioning, thank you very much! ย I suppose I am sporting a bit of a tan, or at least some color, compared to when I was younger and used to the color "red" ( not in a good way) Oh, the things we do ( or I did!) to get tan. For more years now I protect my skin with SPF 50, wear a hat, full body suit ( no just kidding) but keep shaded ( as we had a canope this year on the beach) and make sure I am keeping out of the sun as much as possible.
Fashion / 14.12.2015

 Hello Ladies, I hope you enjoyed the weekend!I always feel like December rushes through the month, while other months drag on. I think it is all the preparation and anticipation that comes with the Holidays. All of the memories and traditions we may try and recreate with our families this time of year. Last night, we attended a party on a boat, enjoying the lights from the houses that were waterfront. Good food and drink were offered as was the Captain's attempt at humour. He did try so hard! He did have a captive audience though. ย This was one event...

Fashion / 19.12.2014

IMG_5850TGIF!Rounding the bend to the Holiday Season, and getting closer to Christmas. I know upon first reading, if you are from my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, perhaps you are thinking I am writing about the Pittsburgh Steelers. I know my dad will be sorry to hear that , that is not the case, I am writing once again about fashion. Fashionable Steelers? No just fashion, for the Holidays to be exact.