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Leopard skirt love

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I know deep inside we are all animals, or is it cavemen/women. We hunt, we gather, and hunt some more .. for the deals that is!! This actually was a lovely day after eating brunch at a very busy restaurant. We decided to take a little stroll and pop in some shops, although I did show restraint. I have to do this now and then, as I actually have a clothing budget. Unfortunately, I looked outside this morning, and there was nothing on my trees. Bare. No money growing on them. So, I decided it was a pencil skirt type of a day, and I wanted to wear flats, as Spring will arrive in Charlotte soon, as at the end of the week, we hit the high 60’s. So, there was plenty of sun out even though patches of lovely icy snow still cover our yard, as my girl and boy ( shih tzus) looked as if they were skating across a pond the other morning. In one of the poses, I am not scratching my head, I am trying new poses, as I am trying to add to my repetoire. I already am getting the Spring bug and really want to sit outside at places, just not quite time yet. If you wear animal prints, what are your favorite?

Leather jacket: Elie Tahari similar in another color , wrap top Banana Republic, Skirt Ann Taylor, another AT leopard skirt, earrings: Vintage one of a kind on Etsy.com, Necklace on local fav boutique Jewel Box, Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff

Links: Not Yet Dead Style ( Visable Monday)

dcinstyle ( Monday Bloom)



  • Erica D.
    Posted at 23:40h, 05 March Reply

    Another great outfit!! I especially love the shirt, the top and of course… the boots.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 08:31h, 06 March Reply

      I am getting a feeling you like boots. I do as well!! I can wear some nice styles now, that my illness wouldn’t have allowed before. Thank you. This is a favorite of mine.

  • Jan Graham-McMillen
    Posted at 13:49h, 25 February Reply

    So glad you decided to join Patti’s Visible Monday. You’ll like it here! You look beautiful, of course, in your leopard. Your styling made it work for you so well. Because I’m a very old lady, I think leopard prints can go wrong very quickly. I still think of leopard in connection with busty movie stars and strippers of the 50’s, but I also think of it worn by Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy, so you help continue the latter tradition in elegance and lady-like charm! Saucy.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your blog. Thanks for posting this.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 14:00h, 25 February Reply

      Thank you! It is wonderful to see all of the ladies and their blogs/style. First, I appreciate the compliment, and I will take being grouped in with those ladies you mentioned! Second, you are not an old lady by any means.. remember,it is all how you feel 🙂 I know exactly what you mean about leopard print, as I used to not wear animal prints as some fabrics can be made poorly, so I stayed away. I am, however, a huge fan of Ann Taylor,and the combo of the subtle flowers turning to leopard print caught my eye. I will be happy to view your blog as well. Thank you for stopping by!!

  • Patti @ NotDeadYet Style
    Posted at 07:34h, 24 February Reply

    Hi Jess and welcome to Visible Monday! I really like the skirt (I have a similar one) and the whole look is chic.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 08:49h, 24 February Reply

      Thank you Patti! I am glad to be a part of Visable Mondays, now that I am more aware 🙂 Thank you, I am sure you look smashing in yours as well 🙂

  • Mrs C
    Posted at 00:35h, 24 February Reply

    The print is quite subtle, almost like flower prints from far. When it comes to animal prints for me subtlety is the keyword. I love animal print scarfs and perhaps little clutch, belt or even shoes!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 08:46h, 24 February Reply

      I am totally with you on that! I used to not be such a fan, but if the print is made well and of good quality, it makes all the difference! Thank you!

  • Irene
    Posted at 06:46h, 22 February Reply

    I really like the skirt and your intro to this outfit!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 13:25h, 22 February Reply

      Thank you, I loved this skirt from Ann Taylor, the moment I saw it in the window. It was made really well, with the jacquard material and the print is leopard shaped in to little flowers. Glad you like my sense of humor. 🙂

  • Elle
    Posted at 21:14h, 21 February Reply

    Love this patterned skirt and the necklace too. I am envious of the weather there, almost 70 soon! I know what you mean about bare tree, but you have enough style to keep in you in leg acme for a long long time!
    XX, Elle

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:25h, 22 February Reply

      Thank you Elle, I loved the jacquard, and Ann Taylor has such well made clothes. We are all anxious for spring!

  • Stephanae V. McCoy
    Posted at 20:36h, 21 February Reply

    Hi Jess, I was just reading your response to a comment of mine on 40+ Style and of course I had to stop by and wow!!! I’m so glad I did. Just looking at today’s post, I love your ensemble and the necklace is absolutely gorgeous!!

    Thank you for best wishes on my blog. I have to be honest and say that while I knew for somem time I would do this (mainly because there are very few fashion resources geared to blind and vision impaired people) I’m still quite nervous. As a natural introvert, the need for positive change is the main motivator for me to keep going.

    I’m still in the learning process but I am so amazed at how my world has opened up by blogging. I’ve met so many wonderfully talented people and I so enjoy soaking it all in. At any rate, thank you again and I will be a new regular.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 20:57h, 21 February Reply

      Hi Stephanae,
      Thank you for the compliments on today’s outfit. I try my best, and yes, dressing up makes me feel good.To bad money doesn’t grow on trees though. Too many clothes..to little.. Try not to be nervous, just do the best you can for you. Your personality will be shown not only in your outfits and your writing as well. My necklace was bought at a local shop I frequent, I have the link there, and they know me on a first name basis! Glad to have you as a regular, and I will follow you as well.

      • Stephanae V. McCoy
        Posted at 22:01h, 21 February Reply

        Yes, I already checked out Jewel Box and bookmarked the site. Really pretty stuff and very reasonable. I like options and I will be adding to my jewelry collection. Thank you

        • Jess Jannenga
          Posted at 12:23h, 22 February Reply

          No problem. I am glad you liked the necklace. What’s great about the neutrals is that you can basically wear the necklace with anything, and yes, the prices are very reasonable. It is a boutique shop where we often frequent. Presently, the are getting in some pretty spring colors.

    • Irene
      Posted at 06:58h, 22 February Reply

      As a retired teacher of the visually impaired/blind, kudos to you!

  • Jess Jannenga
    Posted at 18:04h, 21 February Reply

    Annette, Thank you for being such a big supporter, first off!! I have always liked leopard print, but it had to be classy looking as some leopard print can look cheap. I loved this was a jacquard material, and the print was also shaped into a flower. We are on the same page, perhaps look for zebra in the semi-near future. 🙂 I will be sure to check out your leopard Sunday . Thank you as well about my hair.

  • Annette
    Posted at 17:32h, 21 February Reply

    Fabulous!! I love animal prints and wear them a lot. I wore a very similar look on my blog a while ago, currently it is zebra and on Sunday there will be more leopard 😉
    I am a big fan of everything draped and wrapped and love your wrap top.

    Your hair is so beautiful…

    Annette | Lady of Style

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