October Favorites - Elegantly Dressed and Stylish
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October Favorites

Shopping for Fall-

The weather has been cooler lately in the 60s and it feels so good as I open the back door to let the pups out and don’t get a blast of hot air! I love the cool mornings. I am also sleeping better, which is a Godsend!

I have had a good time revamping my closet for Spring and Fall. I gave many bags to a charity of items I wasn’t wearing, other things are on Poshmark for sale. My closet is  Jess9642 A few things I would like to add:

A few cozy sweaters. I love the vibrant avocado green in this sweater and the zebra print in this one. Remember the zebra is the symbol for EDS, and I love the olive-black combo, instead of black and white.

With the addition of long dresses, I want to wear a cozy, thicker knit sweater over top, acting as a sweater, long skirt combo.

Besides clothes, I enjoy wonderful Fall scents buying some Fall scented candles. HomeGoods has great prices, as does Target on candles. I love a cinnamon and clove scent or of course, pumpkin spice. This Autumn Harvest scent sounds good! So does Heritage Pumpkin. 

I also love to wear darker nail polishes. This pine green polish by OPI , called “The First Lady of Nails”, is a favorite as is this black. “Black Onyx”


You may have seen this post from Jambu, a brand of memory foam and cushioned shoes and boots. I’ve collaborated with them for 3 years now, have a read –Chai Boots from Jambu

Remember, you can get 15% off any purchase on Jambu.com with the code EDSF19.

I’ll be working with a Canadian company, Picadilly Canada, as they sell Modern and classic looks for the stylish lady.

I’ll be collaborating a few times this month with one of my favorite brands, Soft Surroundings. If you missed some of their posts, I have worked with them a few years now. You can read a recent post here  –Leaf Velvet KImono


Since breweries are moving in and becoming more and more popular, there will not be a shortage of breweries to visit this month for Octoberfest. Although I don’t like beer and will have the obligatory red or white wine, I enjoy the atmosphere and hanging out with the pups and my hubby.


I have fond Halloween memories as a kid. My mom used to make our Halloween costumes. Two stick out in my mind- I was a Trash Can complete with a Lid as a hat, and had milk cartons, candy wrappers and such glued to the can. That was a good one! I went as a monk in a brown robe with a rope as a belt, white beard, reciting from the Bible, as I held it close in my hands. And mom made me a cute bunny costume when I was about 10.

I love seeing homemade costumes as I think sometimes they are a thing of the past. I think they show creativity and fun! I joked with my hubby when I see a tall teenager at my door, with two eyeholes as a white sheet covers his head. I want to say, “Go back and try again.” I will be here with candy when you come back with something a bit more creative! hehe. The one downside of being a tall kid ( I was 5 foot 9 in 7th grade) is that you always look like the older kid holding onto those Halloween nights.

Hubby and I are dressing up with the dogs this year, as well as making a Halloween cocktail for the adults to enjoy. My treat, if you will. Help me pick one ! 

I plan on sharing the outfits on the blog later.

Carving Pumpkins

I bought a carving pumpkin kit on Amazon, in order to take on the task of trying to make our doggies out of pumpkins. I think I have “Delusions of Grandeur” but if nothing else, they should be hilarious!

Acorn and Other Shows

I do like the cozy factor of Fall, and getting into a chilled bed. I have been watching a few great shows lately I thought I’d share. When Emmy’s mentioned Escape from Dannemora, starring Paul Dano, Benecio Del Toro, and Patricia Arquette, It sounded intriguing and something I would like. I think these actors are very talented and I do like a great prison movie or show ( Did you see OZ on HBO?) This is a true story based on two prisoners who escape from a NY Prison, with the help of a Not-So-Bright prison seamstress supervisor. It is Goooood!

I also am a fan of British Mysteries, and when I have a down day, or just want to watch some edge of your seat British programs, I tune into Acorn. An excellent program is Line of Fire. Very well acted and always about some type of corruption. On a lighter note, Midsommer Murders is my top 3 Mystery shows. I loved Neil Dungeon, who played Detective Barnaby working in the quaint towns around Couston.

What do you enjoy most about the month of October? Which Halloween Cocktail should I make?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jess xx


  • Jessica
    Posted at 23:30h, 13 October Reply

    Those boots looks so sassy dear! Love it!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  • Jodie
    Posted at 13:24h, 11 October Reply

    How fun to go to local breweries. I have found that I like some of the flavored beers (or girly beers as I call them.)

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 11:11h, 12 October Reply

      We have alot that have popped up here over the years. I prefer the vineyards myself ! But they are dog friendly and fun to hang out there.

  • Kellyann O'Donnell Rohr
    Posted at 11:51h, 11 October Reply

    That new nailpolish is so pretty Jess! I say make all the cocktails – ha!!! I have a few fond memories from Halloween – once I was an alien and another time I was Minnie Mouse and my neighbor was Mickey Mouse – we looked great! We are going to an Oktoberfest celebration in Sanford, FL tonight. We love German food! Have the best weekend!!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:00h, 11 October Reply

      Thank you Kellyann! I think I have used more than half of it. I love a pine or olive green for Fall. I bought black, so i have to take my time with it! Its hard to polish, like white. Ah, I love hearing about Halloween costumes! Yours sound great too, must have been fun with your neighbow. Excellent! Have fun at the Octoberfest event. We are going to a Harvest fest in our town tomorrow. Enjoy the food and beer! Have a great weekend as well. xx

  • mummabstylish
    Posted at 07:30h, 11 October Reply

    You’ve had a busy month so far Jess – enjoy the rest of October. Jacqui Mummabstylish

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