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Fashion, Uncategorized / 22.10.2014

IMG_5002Happy Wednesday Ladies!I mentioned on Monday, that while staying in Bryson City, NC, the main reason was for us to go on a 4.5 hour ride on a 1940s rail car on the Great Smoky Mountain's Railroad. We took a lot of pictures, so I hope to give you an idea of what we experienced on the railroad, and I had to wear my 1940's style Karina Dress called the Megan for the trip. What could be more apropo? If you didn't get to read about our combined over night stay at the BNB McKinley Edwards Inn, read about it HERE.
Fashion / 20.10.2014

IMG_5084Happy Monday Ladies!I wasn't able to get to all the blogs last week, as we took an excursion with the pups to the Great  Smoky Mountains, about a 3 hour drive and stayed in a place called the McKinley Edwards Inn. It was pet friendly, so we brought the pups. Our main plan to stay there was to enjoy the mountains, but mainly to ride a 1940's rail car called the Great  Smoky Mountain Rail Road. More on that Wed. Today, I will introduce you to the area in which we stayed in Bryson City, NC.
Fashion / 15.10.2014

IMG_4889Hello LadiesI know that you are used to seeing scenes of the Lake, us out at various wine bars and backdrops of trees. Well, today looking at the radar early in the morning, was not going to be that way. A huge storm was coming our way, so even though we have a flash for dark days, we don't have anything to stop pouring down rain. Needless to say, the environment isn't as exciting, but the company was, my puppies, Gibson and Truffles decided to enlighten our indoor pics.