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Fashion / 08.10.2014

IMG_4692HAPPY WED!  It finally got cool enough to wear one of my fall outfits! I titled this "Snow Leopard" as it is the combination of the grey and leopard spots, as opposed to the tan and black Leopard that distinguishes it. So at 65-70 degrees, I just said, time to dress for Fall
Fashion / 03.10.2014

IMG_4621Happy Friday LadiesI can honestly say I am ready for the weekend.  It still isn't quite fall weather, but a bit cooler, so I through caution to the wind and went with a fall outfit, with one of my favorite colors, green.
Uncategorized / 02.10.2014

Karina Dress GiveawayIMG_3173Hello Ladies,I know you all know I don't usually post on Thursdays. However, I have an exciting Giveaway to announce, and it is aKarina Dress Giveaway. I know you are familiar with me being a Karina Dress Ambassador, and with some of the dresses like this one above, I have worn on the site. Karina Dresses are Made in the USA, and are wonderful as they have so many styles to fit one's body type, and are wrinkle free.